Winter And Surviving The ZA

There are many debates out there about where to go when the ZA happens.  While warmer climates may be better for shelter and locating food the harsher Winter climates/season may be the best bet though to stay alive.  But I guess it would also depend on what type of Zombie you are dealing with as well.  Let’s review:

The Corpse Returned To “Life” Zombie:  If we are dealing with the actual dead rising and feasting on flesh type of Zombie then these would not only be slower moving in the cold and snow but would be more fragile and freeze in place in snow or ice.  Their skin may be better preserved but the bones, ligaments and tendons would snap like twigs in the harsh environment.  Crushing their skulls would be very easy like crushing a cardboard box so taking out the undead in frozen conditions would not be a problem at all.  You would just need to be able to stay warm somewhere and find food at a time of year or location where very little is available.

The Bio-Hazard/Chemically Altered Human Into Zombie:  Then there is this type of Zombie.  The infected and chemically altered person who is a mix of life and death feasting not only on brains but most any living thing it can get its hands on.  While these Zombies would also be at the mercy of frigid temps, snow and ice they would still be very fast moving and just as dangerous.  It does not matter where you are with these types of undead.  They would be much stronger and the more they feed the more they would be able to adapt and thrive no matter where they are.  Much like “Clickers” in the Last of Us story these sub-human monsters will be a threat in warm and cold environments. So you can’t rely on snow and ice for protection or added advantage.

Where would you go if a ZA ever became a reality? The inner city down South or a more secluded area where it’s cold and snowy most of the year?  Could you tackle frigid temps, low amount of food and water, and snow plus protect yourself against blood thirsty monsters?  Is there anywhere that is completely safe from Zombies?  And then you have to figure out what surviving Humans you can trust on top of everything else.

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