S3E16: ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ Cross Section & Season Finale

TWD-Episode-316-Main-590**Watch Episode 16 First, Then Interact Here – May Contain Episode Spoilers**

Coming of Age and Betrayal were the themes of the season finale tonight.  “Team Prison” came of age and bonded back together reminding us that we all need to help each other to succeed.  That humanity or the human aspect cannot be turned away from not eliminated from any situation in life.  Whether its school, work, family, social media or surviving the Walker Apocalypse. We can’t forget about compassion, empathy and humility.  Even the moments with Andrea and Milton centered on giving life a chance.  And this is more true when moments are most bleak and seemingly impossible.  Darkness is not the time to give in but to dig deep and shine the light of hope.  Woodbury also came of age and was brought into the light and saved, mostly from the darkness with the help of Tyreese (yes I spelled his name right this time) who made a stance to fight the dead and not the living.  Tyreese also reminds us that it is OK to question absolute rule.  We don’t have to accept or agree with the bullshit being fed to us. We have our own minds, and we can choose right from wrong.  That sometimes it is OK to say, “This isn’t the way.”  And Tyreese also returns to “Team Prison” as a result.
But tonight there was also Betrayal and a descent into darkness.  The Governor not only betrays Milton but also the people of Woodbury.  He allowed his selfish plans for revenge wipe away the last human shred of the man Philip we met in early episodes.  And for some of the citizens of Woodbury they learned the consequences of not questioning and silently obeying the guidance of a mad man. They learned that in absolutes there is no room for humanity or life or love or freedom.  Tonight there was a second who followed the same steps as the Governor.  Carl torn between childhood of the way things used to be and the need to survive first in the way things are now has become more callous toward his father Rick, and to humanity in general. For me this raises a very social and real question. What are we allowing our kids to partake in?  When do we draw the line and reset limits and boundaries for children? When does the technology and content in video games and media go from being an aide to being part of the problem.  Or in the tv shows case, when does the need to survive hinder with being human and block being respectful of life itself?  While Carl and the Governor may be correct in stating that, “Either you kill or die.  Or die then kill.”   They have both descended into blindness of the real cause at hand. Which is to survive the virus and rebuild life.
Andrea.  In a very sad way Andrea learns that you cannot save the world alone.  That good intentions are not enough in the larger scheme.  In all 3 seasons we found her trying to take care of matters herself. To be the one to fix and put everything back together.  Only in the end did she fully understand what Dale was trying to teach her before. That to truly solve problems and fix situations, the cooperation and effort from everyone is required.  Andrea also learned that no matter what, the true friends will be by your side all the way to the bitter end.  She was not forgotten. That much like Sophia in Season 2, her friends never gave up on her.
Season 3 is completed.  And just like with Season 2’s loss of Dale and Sophia, we have lost Merle and my favorite Andrea.  But the season also ends with hope for the survivors of Woodbury, new allies, familiar bonds strengthened.  And the outsider Michonne discovering she was really part of the team more than other characters or what fans thought that she was part of the inner circle all along.  With Season 4 confirmed my questions are: Will we see Morgan again? Does Tyreese stabilize or disrupt the balance of the group. And will Rick finally take the buckle side of a belt to Carl’s butt  to set him straight?  This is your blog as much as it is mine. Interact. Comment, suggest, complain, praise and above all – enjoy!

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