S3E14: ‘Prey’ Cross Section

**Probably contains spoilers, don’t read if you haven’t watched yet**

TWD-Episode-314-Main-590     Tonight was all about Andrea. (for those that know me, yes I am a big Laurie Holden fan in general)  The title for this week’s chapter is Prey but I think it should be Pray. Andrea needs to pray that she can escape the Governor, The Governor needs to pray that Milton doesn’t blab about the “Workshop” and Tyrese needs to pray to keep his cool and don’t get kicked out of another safe haven.  This episode really delves into the character of Andrea and shows a side fans have seen glimpses of but not like this.  We see her in a flashback moment with Michonne, trying to connect and empathize. To get at the human level of her companion and protector for the winter.  With which we learn just a little bit more about Michonne’s origin.  So far we know that she lost her boyfriend and now, the Walker pets were people she knew and did not like. Maybe they were the one’s who killed her boyfriend? And it is Andrea’s persistence for common ground that gets through to Milton that what is going on in Woodbury is not right or moral.  Andrea may be the catalyst for the war between Woodbury and the Prison but she is also the push for human side of what is going on as well. The common enemy are the infected Walkers, not the “survivors.”
This week we also saw Andrea stand on her own very well during her escape from Woodbury except for the very end that is….. well, I wont be giving that away so soon after the episode.  Andrea’s shining moment is still yet  to come, if she prays hard enough.  But the actual title Prey may also signify the question of who is hunting who, really? Who can you trust? Where do the citizens of Woodbury really stand? And what is it really that the hunter or protagonist really hunting for?  What is the real Prey?  Or is the Prey really just an ideal or something hidden deep in the dark recesses of a broken mind?

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