S3E13: ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’ Cross Section

TWD-Episode-313-Main-590**Probably contains spoilers, don’t read if you haven’t watched yet**

Through the years I’ve developed a saying or philosophy “Respect is earned, never commanded.”.  Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was all about who really owns or deserves the respect.  The show is famous for intensity. Intense graphics, intense situations, and intense characters like we saw last week when we found Morgan again alone and hanging on by a thread – a metaphor for all older single men out there.  But tonight it was about intense (and tense) dialogue.  As the leaders of both parties meet off location its clear from the start who has the upper hand. Rick seems a lot more “clear” in this episode and despite being stabbed last week is determined to offer a solution. While this week we see the Governor show his weak side and try every trick in the book to fool Rick. From a hidden gun under the table to suggesting that the “Little Ass Kicker” was really Shane’s. What’s great about this week is that Rick proves he is the true leader and has indeed earned respect.  I almost expected the Governor’s missing eye spot start to weep blood like le Chiffre in 007’s Casino Royale. And now some of Woodbury’s population it starting to lean away from the Governor as we witnessed Milton open up to Herschel and Andrea more.
So where do we stand? Is Rick’s group going to leave the prison and drink the punch at Woodbury? No?  After seeing through the Governor’s bad one eye it seems we are ready for one heck of a showdown. Even Herschel and his daughter Beth tote firearms in a sign of strength for what’s to come next.  Andrea is still trying to make a peaceful end for both sides but I think she has some respect she will earn in the next couple weeks if you caught the preview during The Talking Dead tonight.
And on tonight’s The Talking Dead the major subject was what was Andrea going to do now and the fate of Michonne.  Andrea has chance after chance to redeem herself with the group but fails while Michonne is slowly coming into the fold nicely.  My thoughts? Well, I think we could see a changing of the guard. I think something is going to happen to Andrea and Michonne takes on a bigger role within the group.  But what makes this show, and this week’s episode so unique is that just like in real life when we end up in 1 on 1 serious dialogue we either take a stand for what we believe in and what we believe to be true or we flounder leaning on parlor tricks and deception to try to win hand.  We can speak and act true to ourselves and to those around us or we can pretend we have all of the answers hoping no one will find the gun hidden under the table.  Respect is earned – honestly. It’s never commanded or demanded. One of the best episodes of the series.
My question: How are all of these Brits so good at Southern soul full accents??
What are your thoughts about this week and this cross section?

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