S3E12: ‘CLEAR’ Cross Section

TWDS3E12ClearWritten by: Scott Gimple

“The good people die, and the bad people too … and the weak like me…. we have inherited the earth….”

Other than the first few episodes of Season 01, CLEAR will always be my most favorite Walking Dead episode ever.  Rick, Carl and Michonne return to Rick’s old stomping grounds to look for ammo and weapons to defend against Philip.  The trio come across a section of the neighborhood loaded with booby traps and warnings painted on the street and walls of buildings. After a short skirmish with a masked assailant we find that it is Morgan that is the mastermind of the traps.  Morgan’s residence has all the walls written all over them.  IBBEN, CLEAR, DUANE TURNED, and a map of the neighborhood on another wall with “Rick’s House” clearly marked.  But Morgan is not the same as when we first met him.  Morgan is panicked, and a little insane from isolation and watching his son Duane get taken by his wife.  Only after did Morgan finally have to take both of them out.

In this episode we get a glimpse of what the effects of isolation and being alone can have on someone during an emergency situation like this. Always stockpiling, always on the hunt for supplies and always worrying about your home base while away. Always having to Clear.  Afraid to lose ground or progress that you made. But Morgan is not completely gone of all senses.  When Rick tries to convince Morgan to return to the prison and help the group he smiles. “Why do you need all these guns Rick? It’s because you got something good and someone want to take it from you.  You will die by teeth or bullets….”  Morgan has given up on society rebuilding and being stable again.  He knows that conditions are just as bad as when the outbreak started.  Kill or be killed.  The humans are to be feared more than the dead.  Our dear friend Morgan is resigned to keeping to himself and Clearing.  Clearing the trapped Walkers, Clearing any trapped people, Clearing his mind, Clearing his memory of a life that is long gone and does not exist anymore.

Another thing to note is would traveling around or stay in one place be more beneficial during a situation like this?  Is Rick better off moving from place to place?  Morgan seems fairly well stocked in food and ammo and other supplies just from staying put.  The Greene family was pretty well situated too.  It seems that Rick’s traveling around is causing a lot of other people chaos and loss.  I’m not sure if we will ever see Morgan again in the tv series. But it would be great to find out what he’s been up to since this encounter.  At the start of the episode we saw a hitchhiker that the trio did not stop to pick up.  While he succumbed to Walkers, if he made it past them there would be no way he would have survived Morgan.

Another note: While Morgan states he killed his zombie wife and son, during this episode there is a walker in the bar that looks just like Morgan’s wife.


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