S3E06: ‘Hounded’ Cross Section

Written by: Scott GimpleTWDS3E6_Hounded

Not too sure why this is called Hounded other than the fact that Merle heads out to catch Michonne.  You didn’t think they would let her walk out of Woodbury alive did you? The kid that goes with Merle is named Garguilo but I think they misspelled it as there is an Italian name Gargiulo meaning “jaw” or “mandible” or “open mouth”.  This would make more sense since in the Walking Dead the Walkers are also referred to as Biters esp by The Governor.  And Michonne removed the jaws of her two pets for safety reasons.

This episode for me is more about ways to survive and hold out for help.  Surviving by means that is most familiar.  Michonne heads out in to the wilderness alone.  Confident on her own instincts and sword play.  Andrea does what she does best to survive and that is to get close with one of the seniors of a group or the main man in charge.  She had the close friendship with Dale, the fling with Shane and now the fling with the Governor.  Being an opportunist is her way to survive.  Merle, he survives by lying and talking fast.  When he encounters Meg and Glenn (the pizza boy) at the market he deals his best BS and then takes charge when guards are down.  Carol hid in a small cell and rode out the tide until Daryl came and found her. Each character in this episode resorted to what they knew best or what was more familiar with to get through a tough situation or to survive a situation.

Then there’s Rick. With the phone constantly ringing and different voices talking on the other end, Rick gave the situation a chance.  He was patient. And then when Lori got on the phone he knew it was just his mind playing tricks on him and he hung up the phone. Rick took a step to coming back to his own senses realizing  that he still had his two kids and the group to look after.  Remembering that he still had a job to do and knowing that there was still people who needed and relied on him is his way of getting through a tough time and surviving.  In the last scene where Rick is holding Judith in the background you can see the letters ME painted on an object in the background.  I love easter eggs and not sure if this is one, but still something I noticed in the framing of the shot.








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