S3E04: ‘Killer Within’ Cross Section

TWDS3E4killerwithinThis is a huge episode in Season 3.  In a way this is the first domino fall to trigger the rest of  the events in Season 3.  How ironic that Rick guides the team to a prison thinking the concrete and metal structure would be the safest place yet it turns into the most fragile.  The walls and gates are crumbling around the team while Rick’s emotional state is wasting away with it.  Rick was a police officer before the virus struck.  So everything that occurs in Season 3 and this episode specifically is a metaphor for Rick dying, losing his soul to a society of undead.

But who is the “Killer Within”?  Is it the smooth talking, head collecting Governor? Trying to get Michonne and Andrea to stay in May… I mean Woodbury.  If you watch the 2 scenes closely where he talks to each separately you almost feel him stabbing with his words.  These scenes were not merely rest stops leading to the end of this episode. They are full blown conflicts, fueled with innuendo, lies, kind words and a slight crazy twitch in the right eye as we saw during the exchange between the Governor and Merle Dixon.  These were intense scenes and should be paid attention to when watched again.

Is the “Killer Within” the young prisoner that Rick locked out? Who somehow found a way to unlock secure gates and activating the external alarms to attract nearby Walkers?  A revenge plot that fails in the end but leads to T-Dog getting bit.  And while scrambling to get back to the safe area our beloved T-Dog gives up his life so Carol can get away from invading undead.  (Goodbye T-Dog!! You were the best!)

No, the “Killer Within” is much more powerful though not considered a danger at all. The “Killer Within”  is a white lie that gestated into a glaring truth.  The “Killer Within” is the unborn child of Lori Grimes which now decides to arrive.  Of course Lori isn’t going to survive and her son Carl ushers in not only the death of innocence and his childhood but also the death of his mother.  And what of the child?  The child survives and will always be known from that day forward as “The Little Ass Kicker”.

Not since Season 2 was there a more impactful episode and Season 3 promised at least one more when we find Morgan – but that’s a later cross section.  Season 3 Episode 4 is so intense that is becomes engrained forever, much like getting laid off from your 12 year job on the day of your Grandmother’s funeral.  (What kind of company would do that to someone?)  😉


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