S3E03: ‘Walk with Me’ Cross Section

TWDS3E3walkwithmeEpisode 03 of Season 03 is called ‘Walk with Me’. And we discover very soon that our old friend Merle Dixon has been walking with a dude called The Governor.  He and the Governor come across Michonne and Andrea while scavenging for items.  The two women are brought to a place that they can hardly believe exists, a place called Mayberry……haha! Just joking the little town is called Woodbury and while Merle may be a great Barney Fife the Governor is certainly no Sheriff Andy.  Michonne and Andrea discover that this little town has it all. Hot water, food, medical supplies, electricity.  Completely sealed off and protected from the Roamers and Walkers outside the gates.  Even Merle declares this place paradise which gets Andrea thinking maybe its ok to be separated from the team.  Michonne wisely remains suspicious.

And this is the theme of this episode. Can you take a hand that’s offered? After months of being on the run and depleted of resources Woodbury looks great. And even the soft spoken, clean shaved Governor seems to have it all together.  Walk with Me is about trusting a situation and walking down a path that may look like gold but could turn out to be something very wrong.  Woodbury could just as well be called Jonestown because something does not quite add up.

The town scientist Milton, discovers that Michonne’s “pets” can be controlled and also camouflage the living while out on the streets.  And who is this Milton and why is he experimenting on the undead?  And what about this suave Governor?  There is definitely a dark side to what seems like a safe haven.  The end of the episode gets real creepy when the savior of Woodbury takes a seat with a glass of rum in front of his aquariums…… what’s creepy about that? Well,  they are filled with heads of the living and the undead!

Author’s Note: When I started this blog, it was mid Season 03.  Sorry for rushing these back fills to catch up.  But if you “Walk with Me” I promise that the new items will be much better and more in substance as well. Hey, I don’t have an aquarium filled with heads you can trust me.  Wait…….. nevermind.  😉

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