S4E15: ‘Us’ Cross Section


Just two episodes left and tonight’s “Us” could be considered a setup episode but I think it was done very well.  Daryl and the group of “Hunters” are headed to Terminus. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are headed to Terminus.  Glenn, Tara, Eugene, Rosita and Abraham are headed to Terminus.  Rick and Michonne are also close to Terminus, but where is Beth?  There was one of the “Hunters” that kept giving Daryl a tough time and he made a sarcastic remark that seemed to reference that they knew about Beth.  Then later he is killed by his own clan.
Tonight we got a strange and awkward peek into Dr. Eugene’s mind and personality.  Though slight it did speak volumes about the validity of his claims about knowing what caused the outbreak.  And tonight I felt was our first reference to TellTale Games version of Walking Dead.  Way back in Season 01 of the game shortly after Glenn leaves everyone at the Motel to find friends in Atlanta, Lee and the group come across a couple of guys that are offering food for fuel.  After a long walk they come to St. John’s Dairy Farm where the 2 men say they live. At the entrance a lone woman appears stating she will prepare a big meal for everyone.
This episode ended in a very similar fashion only we already see meat cooking on the BBQ!! Is it Beth?  Or parts of Beth? Will a legless Beth come out of a door way pleading everyone not to eat her legs??  Why would the woman live in the building all alone? Do the “Hunters” really live there?  What will you ‘claim’ to be going on? Next week’s Season Finale is going to be a somewhat predictable one but could also shock us with a major character death.


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