S4E14: ‘The Grove’ Cross Section

TWDS4E14GroveWhere does one even begin with an episode like this one? One of the greatest episodes of the series and one of the best written.  Well worth the wait.  With this episode titled The Grove we find Tyreese, Carol, Mika, Lizzie and Judith alone in a house in the middle of a wooded area – a Grove.  A wooded area with tangled and twisted roots that match the twisted thoughts of a lost child.  It’s is this episode that we verify that Mika and Lizzie are a spin of the comics twins Ben and Billy, sons of Allen and Donna.  There was always a problem with Lizzie thinking the Walkers were still “normal” and could be talked to or be friends with.  Back at the prison rats were left by the fence, and a dissected rat was found.  We all suspected it but could never admit or convince ourselves it was her.  TWDS4E14GroveBBut this episode goes much deeper than just the final descent into madness of a young girl.  For me this episode is also a glimpse into the subconscious mind of  Carol.   The two girls represent Carol’s state of mind and Carol’s need to “pick a side” of thinking and feeling.  Lizzie is Carol’s past, a fragile woman that was beaten down and trapped in a silent role. Even Eulyn Womble mentioned during her panel at Walker Stalker Con, that Carol wore flip flops and a drab dress in the middle of the apocalypse.  Mika though can handle a gun, is not afraid to kill the undead.  This is the evolved Carol.  The boots, the military pants to reference Eulyn’s discussion from the past weekend.  This is Carol that can kill without question the undead Walkers.  The Grove is also the interlaced and tormented mind of Carol.  I have mentioned it before and it needs to be repeated again. While the comic book is a journey of Rick Grimes the tv series is also the evolution of Carol from weak and weary abused housewife to survivor in the world of death.  Which side would Carol choose subconsciously?
It is clear though, what side Lizzie chooses. She plays with a Walker outside the house as it gets dangerously close to biting her.  And while Carol and Tyreese are out “having a moment” together Lizzie acts out just like Ben did in the comics convinced that you can come back normal after dying as long as you “don’t hurt the brain.”  Lizzie commits the ultimate horror.  And Carol must make the ultimate choice, spare the innocent deer or collapse in the Grove of insanity.
Actor Lew Temple, who joined the Live Podcast party over the weekend also mentioned the often crippling choice of ethics in the apocalypse.  Could you take down another human?  A child?  Your own child?  Of how about a disabled and sick child?  When is it ok to cross severe lines and do things you would consider horrible sins in normal day to day living?  Tonight’s episode brings us all to the edge of our emotions and beliefs in ethics and good vs evil. Who was right? Lizzie or Carol?

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