S4E13: ‘Alone’ Cross Section plus Bonus Links

TWDS4E13AloneWhile not the characters I would have focused on in this week’s episode of “Alone” it was definitely much better executed than last weeks episode 12.  This week we get a back story of Bob, why I am not sure, I would have preferred a back story on Tyreese and Sasha. But shortly after there is a great scene of Maggie, Sasha and Bob fighting Walkers in the woods while surrounded by fog.  This reminded me of the film The Mist which hosts many cast and crew from the The Walking Dead.  The character of Sasha, Tyreese’s sibling evolves a bit more in this episode and finds some inner strength.  And while Bob has resigned being alone most of the time and wants to head to Terminus, Sasha is not afraid to the test waters and temporarily sets off on her own for the first time since the character was introduced in the series.

Meanwhile we have a gothic romantic interlude or what appears to be the makings of one when Daryl and Beth hide out in a funeral home.  While offering little to the story other than Beth’s piano playing and singing attracting a herd of Walkers the highlights of this part of the episode were when Daryl lured the Walkers to the basement and cleverly took them out one by one.  And Beth it seems is kidnapped and all we see is a car driving off and her belongings left behind on the road.  At the end of the episode Daryl runs into the possible kidnappers and possibly the much anticipated group of hunters from the comics.  Note, there was no hint or mention of Washington D.C. that I could spot which was not consistent with the 2nd half of Season 04. An oversight maybe?

Tonight’s episode did offer a theme and one that resonates from time to time in the post apocalyptic world and that is no one can survive alone. With food scarce, famished zombies lurking, and bands of cannibalistic hunters roaming the streets no one could last long on their own.  And now a new set of characters has learned that lesson as they move down the tracks to the destination known as Terminus.  Just 3 episodes left.  How will Season 04 conclude? A major character has not died since the fall of the prison. Who will it be? Will Negan be introduced in the Season Finale? Post your thoughts and ideas below!

I was asked to be a guest on the Walking Dead Support Group tv show located in S Boston! Great bunch of guys to hang with for sure. This is also the first look “live” of the D. Dixon charity item that will be auctioned for St. Jude and Raising Spirits at Walker Stalker Cons! Watch here: Episode 13 TWD Support


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