S4E12: ‘Still’ Cross Section


It is a good thing the Ocsars were on last night, many of you may have avoided a dud in last night’s Walking Dead. I should probably mention here that I actually follow the writer of last night’s episode on twitter.  She has done some outstanding work on TWD as well.  While on this side of the fence we can all comment and review, it really is not easy to create a great script week in and week out.  The show is in its 4th season and we can’t expect them all to be top level.  So the writer(s), the actors, etc are all excellent and skilled.  Just last nights offering seemed to lack a lot. It just simply did not work.  There was another hint at Washington D.C last night embossed in a silver spoon.  And  that is pretty much all I got out of it. Hopefully next stop for our wandering team will be Terminus.

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