S4E11: ‘Claimed’ Cross Section

TWDS4E11ClaimedI am not going to “claim” that this week’s episode was groundbreaking or not but in my eyes it was just an ok episode with sinkholes in the story, much like the State of MA suddenly losing cars in sinkholes.  Not all of the episodes can be great but this one could have used a bit more work in the writing.

Well, let’s get it:  Rick, Michonne and Carl practiced family building skills around dry cereal, spray cheese and comics.  When Rick was let alone for the day I was hoping he’d get at least 1 call from Lori but instead 3 intruders break in and try to “claim” the house.   Michonne does reveal that her son’s name is Andre to Carl.

Abraham, Rosita and Dr. Eugene “claim” Tara and Glenn and start headed to D.C. so Eugene can end the disaster. We learn that supposedly Dr. Eugene knows how the outbreak started and only he can end it.  Abraham also thinks he is going to save the world from the undead once they get to D.C. While this could be possible foreshadowing of Negan and Ezekiel it is still too soon in the story to even bring this up.  You may be seeing #sonofadick trending on twitter this week, and you can thank the genius Dr. Eugene for that.

The only real progression in the story line is that Rick, Carl and Michonne find their way to the train tracks and find the sign to go to Terminus.  There was no status on Maggie, Sasha and Bob or anything new with Daryl and Beth.

In 2 weeks on the 9th I will be a guest on the Walking Dead Support Group tv show.

And next month, or less than that now, I will be at Walker Stalker Con CHI kicking off the Shirt Off Our Back Against Cancer charity project.

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