S4E09: ‘After’ Cross Section

TWDS4E09AfterLast night The Walking Dead season 04 picked right back up where it left off right “after” the fall of the prison.  And much to my excitement was another faithful adaptation of the comics.  And it’s no wonder that it was very similar to the comic as Robert Kirkman had written the episode.  Rick and Carl are on their own looking for food and shelter.  Carl is very bitter and feels his father let everyone down and that he can survive without him.  After a few arguments with Rick, Carl gets his chance to earn his hat as his father for the most part is unconscious throughout most of the episode.  Side Note: In the comic, Rick’s right hand was cut off by the Governor and it was interesting to see in last nights episode that Rick’s right hand was bandaged up and not able to be used.

TWDS4E09After04Sometimes in life we think we are ready to “conquer the world” and as long as things go well then we can have a somewhat smug attitude about it.  But when 3 Walkers catch your scent and you trip to the ground, you tend to get a new perspective of what others have done for you and with you.  While Carl was able to find more supplies on his own and tackle a few large obstacles he also learned that maybe he isn’t ready to be the leader or the one who is always right all the time.  During one battle with a Walker a pile of books hinders Carl suggesting that he still has a lot to learn. Another Side Note would be in one of the houses the sign “fredag” is prominent behind Carl.  This is Friday or Thank God It’s Friday in Norwegian (if I did my research correct) which is another suggestion for Carl to leave the work to other and it is ok to be just a kid.   Also Carl learned that you cannot take a lot of jobs with a light heart as they can quickly turn into something more than a job and sometimes one person isn’t enough to completed it correctly.  We all work together, safety in numbers.

We also get a brief look into Michonne’s back story which was very Stephen King-esque as she ends up on the trail of Carl and Rick and soon find her way “home” to be reunited with them both at the end of the episode.


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