S4E08: ’Too Far Gone’ Cross Section Mid-Season Finale



Too Far Gone.  When a breaking point is reached in life.  When a belief or institution needs to fall to allow new ideas and new processes to grow and evolve.  During the series it frustrated me a lot about the character Rick’s obsession with the Prison.  He could have led the survivors to anywhere else but he insisted on the bacteria filled walks of the Prison located next to standing water which is also filled with bacteria.  But during tonight’s episode I remembered something from childhood. My sister used to play with those Tarot cards and one such card pictured here is called THE TOWER.  Tarot_16_TowerThe premise of this card is that anything built up on false pretenses or unsustainable resources will crumble down.  Like a castle made of sand, the Prison did fall tonight.  But even the Governor also had the qualities of this fortune-telling card. He pushed to lead people on lies and deception. The foundation of his leadership was filled with holes and empty promises, his “Tower” also came to yet another collapse.  Also if you noticed in this episode, Glen and Maggie’s “love nest” was the Prison Tower which was shot down and shown ablaze many times in the background. Is there room to build a family and have love in the post apocalyptic world or do the survivors have to rely on being cold-blooded killers to get by?  The wise words of Hershel resonated tonight as Rick tried to get through to the Governor.  That you can come back from the shock and make a life and build a life.  But the essence of who the Governor is would never accept that type of compromise.  It’s either all his or it is no one’s. And so the Prison gates were broken down, the walls blown up.

Do the survivor’s have a predetermined meeting place?  Who survived? Where is the baby?  Will Carl and Rick be able to find anyone?  Will Carol drive by Rick and Carl and flip them the bird and keep on driving?  There are many questions and many possible answers as we head into the Mid-Season break.  But we did lose characters. The Governor is no more.  But most importantly, we lost Hershel. The sage and wise man of the group is no longer around to talk sense into Rick.

And with that I will share my interaction with the legendary actor Scott Wilson at the first Walker Stalker Con 2013.  When I met Scott I asked him candidly, “When you left Georgia to begin your acting career did you ever think you’d end up most famous for fighting zombies?” He looked at me and laughed. “No,” he replied, “And I never thought I’d end up back here (Georgia) either!” Later he and I talked in the elevator back to our rooms. As I got off at my floor I turned and accidentally said, “Good night Hershel!”.  I hope I didn’t curse him and was the reason his character was taken off the show. He does survive in the comics.  Scott Wilson will be greatly missed and I can’t wait to talk with him again soon at the next Walker Stalker Con.

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