S4E07: ’Dead Weight’ Cross Section

TWDS4E07DeadWeight***Read After Watching the Episode***

This week’s episode was more or less a “part 2” of Episode 06.  But this episode cements what I was hinting at, the Governor is bad – all bad and no one seems to stay alive when he is around.  And much like last week’s episode, this was more or less a psychological drama rather than lots of action scenes. At the end of the episode Governor had said “People will believe what they want to believe, everyone loves a hero.”  And the Governor will say just about anything to get people to do his bidding.  For the Governor is a leader, not a DIYer.  We saw that when he tried to use tape to fix a hole in the roof of his camper.  When survivors ask what he did before the virus struck, he smiles and says “Survive.”  The Governor needs people/followers to do things for him.  And he cannot stand it when those in his presence show weakness. Example, when we circle back to the start of this episode and he runs into Martinez from Woodbury.  Once Martinez showed some weakness in his presence or asked for his help the Governor planned his demise.  Another example also in the start of the episode was the exchange between he and the girl Meghan. (spelling could be wrong there).  She complains that he never lets her win and he tells her a story about how his father did the same thing. “That’s not winning is all about.”  It would have been great to see an adaptation of the Rise of the Governor in the correct sequence per the novelization but this gives us a peak into Philip’s back story and mental state.  And if you look back at Season 3, the Governor defended Merle when Milton states Merle is useless and should not be around.  If you can’t do for the Governor, then you are done.

There were lots of great small scenes or exchanges in this episode that all unravel the path for the Governor to once again become the off centered leader he feels he needs to be.  In the cabin in the woods you will notice a portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Trivia: At Walker Stalker con 2013 I was so nervous I referenced Andrew Lincoln as Abraham Lincoln.) on the wall in the background.  This could be a foreshadow of the Governor killing Martinez to gain control of the small camp OR it could be what the Governor thinks of himself as. A skewed self-image etched in the back of his mind.  Also at this cabin there are 2 bodies decapitated and another with what appears to be a self-inflicted wound. All 3 have weird signs posted on their bodies.  (You will have to watch or research what the signs stated, I won’t give it away here.)  Did Michonne visit  this cabin before? Was it the family that lived there?   There still seems to be a mystery person or persons roaming around yet identified.

Here is a link to the Walker Stalkers Instant Reaction Podcast which they are very cool to let me call tag along and comment as well:  Instant Reaction Podcast for Episode 7

What will happen next week? Will the Governor get his revenge against Michonne? Will Carol come back with Morgan and kick everyone’s butts to start a new Utopia?  Why hasn’t anyone thought about leaving the Atlanta/Macon area yet? Next week is the Mid Season Finale so there will be lots to write about next week. In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy acting like a ravenous Walker as you eat your turkeys down to the bone!! Peace out!

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