S4E06: ’Live Bait’ Cross Section


***Do Not Read Until You’ve Watch the Episode Or Don’t Care About Spoilers***

Sorry for the late post but I attended the Walker Stalkers Instant Reaction Podcast and I will be attending these every week from now on before posting my Cross Sections.

Tonight’s episode “Live Bait”, takes a very unexpected turn in the story line.  At the end of last week’s episode our dear friend Philip was on the Prison doorstep with a determined expression on his face.  I think many thought tonight would be another attack on Team Prison or the very least a build up to one.  No.  Tonight we go into a little bit of the mind and soul of the Governor from the moment he lost Woodbury.  From living in tents to his 2 sidekicks leaving him in the dust, literally.  And it was at that moment Philip was at his weakest.  No one to manipulate, no one to get to do his bidding.  No army to lead.  With hair a mess and beard full-grown for “Movember”, The Governor looked more like the Lizard King Jim Morrison than anything else.  This episode was very cathartic but not in the way you would expect. For an undetermined time Philip roamed aimlessly on his own.  Void of reasoning. Almost like the Walkers that passed by him.  He was the shell of the man he used to be or more rather, and empty shell of the man he really is.

There is a myth or old legend that if you want to take the power of evil away then all you need to do is turn your back on it.  The citizens of Woodbury turned away. His last followers turned away and left him behind.  With no one believing in his words Philip is nothing.  Just a lifeless shell. Evil under control.  But we see the character evolve slowly again when he finds survivors in an apartment building.  Like the devil he gives them a false name for evil is known to go by many names.  Philip does favors for them to earn  their trust, “bait” their belief in him.  And over time his appearance gets cleaner. His hair is combed, his beard is shaved.  He starts to talk clearly and his thought process becomes sharper.  Evil regaining power in the blind faith of those following him.  An unexpected element is one of  the survivors is the same age as his lost daughter Penny.  And somehow he uses her to redeem himself. But again not in the way we would expect. Philip is finding himself again yes but he’s not human or finds it hard to be compassionate. He wants to be redeemed as a leader, a man with power, as the Governor.  An example of this is when the young girl Megan asks about his eye patch and Philip jokes that he is a pirate and tries to laugh….but this gesture was very creepy and did not seem to have any sincerity to it.  In my opinion, Rick symbolizes Good and for now, The Governor is Evil.  And tonight evil started to become reborn, gain momentum.  In addition to the Jim Morrison reference I think you probably could throw in the Stone’s ‘Sympathy For the Devil’ as the soundtrack for tonight’s episode.

“Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year Stole many a mans soul and faith
And I was round when Jesus Christ Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate Washed his hands and sealed his fate
Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you Is the nature of my game”

While it was a completely unexpected divergence, I think this episode was needed and done very well. What frustrated me from the start of this season is that is done in a very different style of the fist 3 seasons.  A lot of character changes occurred between Seasons 3 and 4 without much explanation.  At least tonight we got to go into the depths of Philip aka The Governor as he does regain himself and regain power.  What do you think?  Am I wrong? Do you think The Governor is gone and we are now seeing Philip the man who wants to be good?  Would you trust Philip, aka The Governor if you ran into him on the streets of Macon GA post ZA?  Also as mentioned tonight on the Walker Stalkers Podcast tonight’s episode was taken from the Rise of the Governor books that were recently released.  I have not started them yet myself but I think now we should all read these and be in good shape for the next few episodes.  Comment freely, I’ll approve all as long as they are real posts.

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