S4E05: ’Internment’ Cross Section


** Watch First – Then Read This**

So far there is a pattern in the titles of the episodes in Season 4 – did you catch it?  Tonight’s episode was titles “Internment”.  Rick returns to camp without Carol.  The others are still on the road with newly retrieved anti-biotics.

Hershel is in the sick ward doing his best to keep everyone stabilized.  But some die and start to turn.  Instead of finishing off the turned in front of the living Hershel instead moves the bodies away, says a prayer and then puts them at rest.  Hershel still believes in dignity in death, he still believes there is a process and structure to follow.  And the living need not see the method of putting down the turned.  Does anyone still remember Dr. “Death” Jack Kevorkian?  Dr. Kevorkian pushed for dignified deaths.  Assisted suicides for those who were beyond saving or were beyond a certain quality of life.  The patient had the right to state whether they wanted to fight on or to go in a dignified manner.  To pass on while things are on a somewhat positive side. Rather than go through and put loved ones through a more gruesome or painful ending to a life’s chapter.

Hershel’s beliefs are tested when numerous patients die and turn.  Even main characters Sasha and Glenn come to the brink of death while Hershel struggles with age, one leg and limited ways to defend the others and himself.  Ultimately Rick returns, Carl comes of age (again) and proves a worthy aide in the fight against the Walkers and the rest of the team come back with the much anticipated medical supplies.  Alone in his cell, we see a normally strong and consistent Hershel break down.  The process is broken down.  The prison is broken down.  No one really seems to question the whereabouts of Carol – except for Daryl.  Everyone returns to doing their jobs, another day. More casualties.  And the Governor standing outside the main gate.

If you were part of the ZA, with friends and family. Would you hold on to a dignified belief of life and death or would you slaughter people you know and love out in the open once they got sick?  Does life itself gain in value? Or in your eyes is it better to be dead with no resolution in sight?  Circle back to real life, do you know someone who has been fighting to maintain a “normal” life? At what point should the fight continue and when should we back down, accept we did our best and let things end?  It’s a very tough subject matter. While many fans may be more focused on the Governor’s return, or the absence of Carol.  There was a much deeper theme going on in tonight’s episode. What are you willing to do to stay alive and how much do your beliefs come into play when dealing with death?  Not everyone makes it.  Not everyone will survive. How do we as humans handle that?


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