S4E04: ’Indifference’ Cross Section

TWDS4E04Indifference**Do Not Read Until You’ve Watched Episode 04 or You Don’t Care About Possible Spoilers**

Tonight’s episode is called “Indifference”.  But who is being indifferent?  Rick or Carol?  Carol admits to killing to the two sick people, one of which being Tyreese’s love interest, and has not remorse about it at all.  Can we consider Carol’s actions overstepping bounds?  Tonight’s episode is leads up to and is completely handled in the last 5 minutes.  Or is Rick wrong for making personal choices that effect the entire camp?  Who is wrong here?  Carol, who is now completely numb and emotionally void has done things to protect the camp or taught the children how to protect themselves.  You’ll have to admit that does not seem wrong at all.  Especially when Rick keeps trying to go back to a life that does not exist anymore.  Or isn’t that what all the survivors are supposed to be doing, rebuilding life again to what it was?

What is certain, is that Carol is gone. Banished from the Prison area, never to return. (Maybe its good I did not get her autograph this weekend….) Carol seemed to have decided she was going to do her own things for some time now.  Rick did what he promised to Tyreese.  But which one was right?  Or were they both wrong?  It’s staring to seem like the survivors are trying very hard to hold onto something very personal. Whether it is liquor, revenge, the false comfort of a bad relationship, or crusty pancakes at a family breakfast.  But those things do not exist anymore and is it worth disintegrating the entire group for those small personal things? Or are these the only things separating the living from the dead?  What do you see around you in life that people fight over that really is small or “Indifferent”?  Tonight’s episode was making a huge statement, especially again the last 5 minutes.  After 3 season and 4 episodes Carol is no more.  Will she shack up with Morgan? The Governor?  Will we see her fate later on in the Season?  Either way she wont be with us next week and either way, the group is going to be cracked just a little bit more.

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