S4E03: ’Isolation’ Cross Section

twdS4_generic**As Usual Read and Comment After You’ve Seen the Episode**

Tonight’s episode is officially titled “Isolation” but I would change that to “Unhinged”.  Back when doing the Season 03 Cross Sections I mentioned that something much bigger was going to hit the group.  And tonight’s episode is the start of the climax of that event.  The episode starts with Tyreese letting his rage loose on Rick and Daryl for the death of his girlfriend. (Someone had killed her and another).

Rick again is being challenged with being the leader, being the police officer, being the peace keeper.  More survivors of Woodbury are getting infected and isolated from the healthy.  But now it’s Glen and Tyreese’s sister Sasha that are part of the sick.  The situation keeps getting worse and worse.  Is the water contaminated?  Is it someone from Woodbury that’s the cause?  And who is systematically killing people from the inside?   (We find that out at the end of the episode actually.)

But one thing is certain, someone needs to get to the University and get as many antibiotics as possible.  Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese volunteer and stumble upon a very large herd of undead.  The surviving Greene girls are starting to crack and break down.  The group is on the verge of collapse.  From the inside and outside the prison.

So I point this Cross Section onto you, the reader.  We’ve all  been in stressful situations when we get hit with one thing after another.  The thread of organized continuity breaks down and the things that once gave us success is causing current failure.  What would you do if you were Rick?  What course would you steer the group now?  Someone once said, those that say they are ready for chaos are the first ones to drop.  But surely to succeed you need to be somewhat prepared.  Is Rick’s police skills really doing good and will help?  Or should Rick just act on impulse and think of himself and 2 kids?  If you were in this situation, would you stretch your own personal resources to help everyone or would you take a more selfish approach to post apocalyptic living? Gunning down anyone and everyone and everything until you knew the virus was gone?   And let’s go back to Morgan, could it be that he dealt with this correctly all along?

Currently in our real society we are dealing with Government Shutdowns, institutions we all grew up knowing safe are now a matter of life and death.  The Economy is teetering on the verge of a complete disaster.   Who do you trust right now? Who would you help?  If our world becomes unhinged are you a survivor, a Walker, or a savior and at what cost?

This is it folks, all of the dominos setup in Season 03 are now falling down. And falling down fast.  Are you ready?  Or will you come “Unhinged”?

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