S4E02: ’Infected’ Cross Section


Episode 02 gets very interesting and almost very political.  An outbreak of the flu is causing some of he kids to die, then turn into Walkers and attacking the survivors from inside the prison.  For me this is a direct reference to real life viruses like the bird flu, mad cow disease etc.   The group decides that anyone in that area of the prison should be quarantined and any of the pigs left should be destroyed.  In real life many people sick with the flu walk among us on crowded streets and malls. They ride with us on over crowded buses, trains, subways and planes.  Sometimes carrying a lethal airborne disease across continents via planes and boats.  Risking contaminating everyone they come in contact with.  Should we immediately separate those sick with severe flu in our real society?  Is it morally right to cut a population off from the main an healthy section?  Would our nations leaders take advantage and use a made up deadly virus to segregate a populous to gain exclusive power?  Back to the tv show, the group needs to do this as it is a topic of life or death.  And a few of the youngest survivors now get a stark reality check on life in an apocalyptic world when faced with losing a parent.  Again the Walking Dead tends to cross the line in my opinion involving children directly with killing Walkers or those soon to be Walkers.  Though the act is not shown or done by the characters, this type of subject matter may encourage kids to blur the lines between reality and entertainment.  Just my personal thoughts. At any rate, Carol the new matriarch of the group takes it upon herself to teach the young children how to survive and defend themselves in this Zombie filled world.

And through the youngest of the survivors, The Little Ass Kicker, (yes that’s her nickname) one of the strongest characters Michonne finds tenderness and possibly reveals something of her origins as the sound of the baby crying upsets her.  Maybe its a lament for “Days Gone By” but clearly the adults are showing strain and frustration in this new world. Rick and Carl do not carry guns and Carl had stopped wearing his father’s police hat.  An effort to step back away from the violent side of the current society.  But just like in real life you can’t turn away from your responsibilities or what your “earned” role is. As a herd of Walkers starts to collapse part of an exterior fence Daryl reminds Rick that he is the leader of the survivors  and always will be. Even if Rick does not want to participate. This “realm” in the prison is indeed his doing and creating.

The ending of the episode was very poignant. Rick hands Carl his gun back and also retrieves his own holster and six shooter. Once again picking up the badge of courage. to own what he created and move forward.  And in a way all of the adults in the group of survivors now have to face this fact for themselves and again resume the fight to survive, live, and ensure a tomorrow for the young ones.  As this series evolves I can’t help but think, maybe it’s just Atlanta that’s infected. What if the group just needs to go to Florida or North to the Carolinas. What if they are hanging around that dank prison for nothing.

What do you think? What are your thoughts about tonight’s episode?  Feel free to comment.  I’ll approve all real postings positive or negative.


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