S4E01: ’30 Days Without An Accident’ Cross Section

twdS4_generic**Don’t Read If You Did Not Watch**

So we kick off Season 4 of the Walking Dead.

Herschel and Rick have become Director’s of Agriculture at the prison compound and have setup a garden and basic livestock.  Survivor’s of Woodbury are acclimating to live in the compound very well but there are two key changes.  One is Rick’s seemingly apathetic attitude toward the herd of Walkers outside the prison.  He literally tunes them out with an iPod while gardening. He has accepted what has changed in society as just day to day mundane background noise.  And two, the fierce and mighty Tyreese is showing some reluctance to killing Walkers, openly admitting to his partner that he just can’t do it anymore. This is actually a surprise for me as it was much rumored that Tyreese would end up taking on a role much like Daryl.

Another big change from last season I should note is that Carl’s voice changed.  (A post apocalypse Peter Brady if you will). But has seemingly repaired the gap in the relationship with Rick.  Again this new season starts quite unexpectedly.  It’s almost as if a lot of what happened in Season 3 never occurred.  Even Michonne is a more loving and down to earth character.  She’s completely lost her edge.  Was there a Summer special episode that we all missed out on?  And there was no explanation or brief backfill catch up scene to tie in the end of Season 3 to the start of Season 4. While this was also done last year, the ending of Season 2 was done in a way where you did not need this.  But I kind of feel that there is a huge chunk in the story arc missing.

The general theme of tonight’s episode is not to fear being alive.  Life has blossomed in the compound.  In it seems that being alive is the last thing to be afraid of.  No one is afraid of the Walkers,  the Governor is long gone …. and is Herschel’s stump growing??? Did you all see that too?? It was great to see in the show the store Big Spot was incorporated kind of merging the comic and TellTale Game’s versions in with the show.  That’s all I got folks ….. oh there’s Beth Greene who seemingly is keeping track of how many days her boyfriends live… hence “30 Days Without An Accident”.  Let’s all meet back next week with hopefully a jump start to this season’s story, conflicts and intensity.  I really am a bit thrown off with Season 4’s opener. I am hoping this is a setup for something much larger and still hoping the rumors are true that the comic book and tv show will merge a bit and progress parallel to each other for a couple episodes.

Thanks for coming back everyone!  Hope you all had a great summer!

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