S5E08: ’CODA’ Cross Section Mid-Season Finale

unnamedThe past 8 weeks has been filled with revelations, more of the same, shocking acts of cannibalism, fond farewells, and an odd reunion.  Can only mean the first half of a Walking Dead tv season.  Toward the end of last season I kept mentioning it was time for Bob and Beth to go.  Poor Bob Stookey the good ol boy who joined the group at the Prison not sure if there were any good people left on earth.  Ever fighting dependence on the bottle Bob eventually proved himself esp since he was a medic in the military and even found a spark with Sasha.  But it was clear Bob was not going to last long. It was just a matter of time. bob-1414157368Though somewhat positive, Bob was having a hard time keeping things together.  And shortly after the skirmish at Terminus, he was literally falling apart! The defeated Gareth had kidnapped our friend and his band of troublemakers ate his leg!! But Bob had a secret.  He was bitten and he was “tainted meat”.   Soon after  this Bob died under the guiding hands of Tyreese. Meanwhile the comic Bob Stookey is still labeled as alive Bob_Comicand is a very different character from the tv version.  So if you happen to miss good ol Bob, pick up the comics.  Issues #29-43.

My second prediction almost all of last season was Beth Greene.  For some reason it seemed the writing team had a hard time making Beth the survivor that she really could have been.  Yes there were glimpses in Season 4 and in Season 5 but her character remained too sugary. Almost like a post apocalyptic Cindy Brady.  In my eyes Beth Greene should have been tougher, maybe a little bit more edgier. She over came suicide after all and found a meaning to live over the course of the show.  beth_codaShe even came to terms with existing in the ZA and had an odd bonding moment with Daryl the other tv only main character.  Rather than becoming a key member of the team Beth continued to end up out of the group, isolated and vulnerable. Even her last days seems to be a degradation to her character. She is “trapped” in a hospital but not in harms way directly.  She mops the floors, gets 3 meals a day, listens to records and gets to garden on the hospital rooftop. There is no plight. No torture. In fact, the season could have continued just fine with Beth hanging out there maybe to seen again in the future.  But in the end, she had to go.  And her parting was anti-climatic.  The hospital was run by a group of police officers. And in the mid season finale Beth who had hid a pair of scissors in her cast, stabbed the leader in the shoulder while the leader shot Beth to death.  The scene was awkward, brief, and oddly silent.  Is “30 days without an accident” really all we will have of Beth Greene? But lets get back to the scissors.  You see in the comic world there was another set of child twins. Hershel’s 2 youngest daughters Susie and Rachel Greene.
Susie_and_Rachel_GreeneThe two girls always carried a naive and innocent view of life about them.  They were a lot like what Beth was in the tv show.  Susie and Rachel had survived up to the days of the Prison.  But had met their end in the Prison Barber Shop.  (Read the comics to find out how).  So was the pair of scissors that Beth placed in her cast a reference to her counterpart(s) of the comics?

250px-GabrielCrop Father-Gabriel-Stokes-The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Images




Father Gabriel Stokes.  In the comics, still alive and still preaching to survivors. So far in the tv show, he has lived. What do you think?  Should Gabriel continue to live like in the comics or should this character be taken out of the show?  Comment away!

Eugene makes a confession of a life time.  Too soon? I think so, and it only makes the tv Eugene more useless and should be killed off. If you are not up to date on the comics … just wait.  He and Rosita …. well … more than just looking I’d say.

the-walking-dead_season-5_episode-6_consumed2 tumblr_nfvsj4l1vV1qzb6bqo4_1280rickRick and Carol.  If there were ever a time when we wanted the comic Rick to appear in the tv show it would be Season 05.  The “Rick-tatorship” is back in full force and no one is safe.  Rick bit a man to shreds, kept a promise to Gareth about a red handled machete and chases a police officer down with the officer’s own car. (I told you to STOP).  This is Rick at his best and I’m glad he’s back.  From here on in, there is no Democracy.  Officer Friendly from up the road a ways is taking names and checking his list, marking out who is naughty and nice.  But it’s not just Rick that is hitting the ground running in Season 5.  Carol has quietly become a destructive terminating machine. She doesn’t yell or scream, she just kills.  In fact, Carol gets hit by a car and heals in hours!! While comic Carol is no longer part of the team or even alive it is great to see tv Carol not only survive but shadow Rick like Mrs Clause at Christmas time.

And what about the strange reunion? There is a character. No longer alive in the comics, but one of my favorite characters in the show that is hot on the trail of Team Rick.  What lies ahead I am not sure but I can bet that Morgan ran out of Walkers to “clear” and he is hungry for more!!  See you all at the Season Finale.  #notdeadyet~”Undead” Randy