TWD Character Cross Section: ‘Rick Grimes’

twdrickgrimes_crosssectionDeputy Rick “from up the road aways” Grimes.  The main character for both the comics and tv series serves as the leader of a surviving group of people in what is called the post-apocalyptic world.  While in both series the characters start off very similar, the Rick Grimes in the tv show undergoes quite a personal and spiritual journey and takes quite a divergence from the comic origins.  To start, the Grimes family in the comics resided in Cynthiana KY and only went to GA after meeting and talking with one of my favorite characters Morgan Jones.  Yes, both Ricks get shot and ends up in coma in the Harrison Memorial Hospital.  Yes the outbreak occurs while he is in the coma and he wakes up alone in the hospital. But almost from there the characters lives split in different directions.

I feel in the comics Rick Grimes is a better iteration of the character since in the comics he maintains his strength and proves to be a very capable leader despite losing the reigns to Tyreese early in the comic series but to later get it back.  The comics Rick does not go through the “seeing Lori’s ghost” around the prison and preserves a clear mind up to the end of the Assault on the Prison.  Rick proves he can be and is a gritty, strong and a powerful leader.  While over on the tv series, when Rick loses Lori shortly after the birth of Judith Rick descends into depression, hears voices, and sees the ghost of Lori everywhere. In essence losing all rationale, sanity and hope.  Even during the time at the prison Carl, Carol and others question his ability to lead and Rick even takes a step back to farm and tend to the livestock.  While he is still very political and even philosophical, often times tv series Rick lacks the power and strength the comic Rick holds.

Another major difference is the fact that the Governor Brian (call me Philip) Blake cuts off the right hand of Rick Grimes in the comic.  In a way I had wished they had kept true to this in the tv series.  It served as the perfect catalyst to harden up and face many cold truths about Woodbury, the Governor and even staying in the prison itself.  And it also in a way cemented bonds between Lori and Carl.  Rick was a true survivor, leading the lost down the path of overcoming and surviving as well.

Despite these differences some things remain the same, Rick Grimes is very dedicated to his family.  And to leading the survivors  to safety.  He is ever vigilant and is determined to find a safe place to live and get back to a “crusty pancakes on Sundays” way of life.  And Andrew Lincoln exceeds all expectations of portraying “Officer Friendly” in the tv series.

The Tell Tale Walking Dead video game (to date) does not introduce Rick Grimes in either “season one” or  the “400 days” segments.  At the time of writing this “season two” is just days or even hours from being released and not much is being revealed about this segment only that the quest of Clementine continues.  It’s still not clear if she will reunite with Glenn or the Greene family at all during the new segment.

I also need to pause the cross-section at the time of the Assault on the Prison as this is where the mid-point of Season Four the tv series cuts off.  Roughly comic #47. But what do you think of the two iterations of Rick Grimes? What is your favorite? What aspect from the comics do you wish crossed over into the tv show?


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