TWD Character Cross Section: ‘NEGAN’

walking-dead-mag-sdcc1Probably the most anticipated villain since the series began is set to make his appearance after the endless mid season break this year.  In the comics not much is yet known about his past or origins but it is very clear that he is cold-hearted, brutal, and commands as much respect as fear.  He is the ruler of a gang called the Saviors in the D.C. area. He calls himself NEGAN.

While the character of the Governor was driven by psychological themes, Negan is just pure evil. While “protecting” survivor villages from Walkers he does not hesitate to murder, torture, or destroy anyone or anything that gets in his way.  Negan is the exact opposite of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors and when the two groups clash it turns out to be the most bloody so far in the comics run.  His preferred weapon is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille but he is also handy with a hot antique clothes iron as well.  The character of Negan almost relishes finding new ways to kill and hurt people to display his power on the nearby survivors.  While Rick Grimes symbolizes Justice and Democracy, Negan symbolizes Injustice and a pure Dictatorship based on fear.

w310_Negan-and-Lucille-on-Cover-of-The-Walking-Dead-Issue-100-1410194030How will AMC tv handle this type of brutal character on the tv show?  It was clear that the role of the Governor was toned down for the tv audiences and with strings of profanity alone that come from Negan it may be this way again.  Though initial articles and reports state that the tv Negan will be exactly like the comic if not more brutal.  And are fans ready for this? Are they ready for the damage Negan can do to their most beloved characters.  Negan’s arrival to the tv show is an almost guarantee that at least one major character will meet their demise.

The tv show already has a number of lingering characters that have already died in the comics like Carol and Morgan.  Both already on the fringes of the groups workings in Alexandria in the show.  Then there are the characters that never existed in the comic like fan favorite Daryl Dixon, are fans ready to riot?

And can actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who has starred in numerous films and tv shows like Supernatural and jeffrey-dean-morgan-negan-1200x765Grey’s Anatomy live up to the character’s expectations?  For a long time it was rumored that former Black Flag front man Henry Rollins, who the character of Negan is modeled after, would be the sure casting but AMC finally made their choice in JD Morgan.   Creator Robert Kirkman has assured fans that this season he was going to pull the rug out from underneath us. That the 2nd half of the current season was going to be the most intense of any so far.  The actor portraying Negan and fans alike could be in for some of the most shocking plot lines in all of tv history if AMC plans on being true to the comic book.  If the Governor gave you the chills, Negan will freeze your blood.  Are you ready?

~Randy Fortunato