TWD Character Cross Section: ‘Judith’

twdjudith_tv02For my final Character Cross Section during the Season 04 break I decided to do Judith, aka Lil Ass Kicker.  In both the comics and tv show Judith is the daughter of Lori Grimes but the father could be Rick’s or Shane’s child.  Lori had an affair with Rick’s best friend while Rick was in a coma.  (Did anyone catch Lori’s expression in Season 01 when Rick’s voice we heard over the CB radio? Guilty as Charged.)

At any rate, Judith was born and became the symbol for the survival of Humanity.  It was even mentioned among fans that Judith could contain the cure for the outbreak and wouldtwdjudith_comic01 save everyone.  In the tv show, Judith could also be a metaphor for a Cherokee Rose a symbol Daryl taught Carol about when Sophia was missing.  Read about the Legend of the Cherokee Rose HERE.  Kirkman seems to use the word Cherokee or the symbol of the Cherokee Rose in all of Walking Dead franchise.   And it was Daryl who nicknamed baby Judith as Lil Ass Kicker as well.

The fate of Judith is still yet unknown in the tv show post final battle of the prison.  All that remained was a blood stained car seat.  Does Tyreese have Judith? Is Judith with Michonne or with Daryl and Beth.  Did someone get Judith on the bus before it sped away?  (Trivia:  Judith is the name of the main actress in the original Night of the Living Dead film – Judith O’dea.  A dedication perhaps?)  Fans probably won’t know if Judith is alive until Feb 9th when the series resumes, but readers of the comic series already know what happened to Judith in that story arc.  Sadly Judith is crushed under Lori as she falls dead being shot in the back.  The little Cherokee Rose wilts and dies.  This event actually triggers Rick’s insanity and the strange phone calls from Lori.

What do you think is the fate of Judith in the tv show?  Is she really a key to curing the outbreak?  Is she alive and where is she?


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