TWD Character Cross Section: ‘Glenn the Pizza Boy’

TWD_GlennGlenn the pizza boy.  From the first moment he is introduced in the story arc (TellTale Games TWD) we discover that he is resourceful, not afraid to take risks and cares about the well-being of others even strangers.  We find Glenn trapped in the Everett family pharmacy, located in Macon GA.  Here he assists Lee and Clementine during the first part of the video game.  Glenn’s eagerness to help though almost gets him killed when he gets trapped at the Travelier Motel.  Lee and another 2ndary character go to rescue Glenn and find that he was trying to help a woman locked in one of the motel rooms.  It is never revealed if Glenn actually knew the woman or not. But the discovery of the motel allows the survivors to get out of the Pharmacy and setup refuge at Travelier Motel.  After a few interactions with the survivors and Lee Everett, Glenn decides to leave this group and go to Atlanta to try to find his friends.  It is still unknown if in the video game Glenn’s story will be revealed or not but we do know that he drove off with one of Clementine’s walkie-talkies.

Glenn’s value as a key resource is seen again when he rescues our friend Rick Grimes.  And just like Lee Everett, Rick quickly takes to Glenn and appreciates his selfless attitude and willingness to protect others.  In fact, one of the most endearing attributes of Glenn’s character is that he was a pizza delivery boy who no one expects much from but time and time again Glenn proves himself as not only a survivor, but as a leader as well.

This continues when the group from Atlanta arrives at the Greene farm and Glenn continues to go on supply runs and clearing zombies from the area.  Though he meets his match literally in the feisty Maggie Greene, daughter of Hershel.  The two fall in love and remain one of the longest tenured couples in the story line. While the comic and tv show diverge in plots, Glenn’s character remains the most consistent even during the battles against the Governor.  And characters in both realms often express how much Glenn is needed in the group.  Maybe even looked upon as a potential leader in the future.  Even during severe doubt and criticism from Hershel Greene, esp about being with Maggie.

In the tv show, most of season 4 Glenn is battling the flu but does help survivors onto the bus during the last showdown with the Governor.  But this is where I must leave off. I cannot reveal the fate of Glenn until the tv show catches up with the comic series but I can reveal that in the comics, Glenn and Maggie do adopt Sophia. Sophia, if you remember died in the tv show and was one of the undead contained in the Greene family barn.  It will be interesting to see how the storyline plays out and what the producers of the tv show decide what to do with Glenn.


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