TWD Character Cross Section: ‘Clementine’

20131210_the_walking_dead_season_twoActresses Laurie Holden, Lauren Cohen, Melissa McBride, Danai Gurira and Sonequa Martin-Green are known for their strong characters in the Walking Dead tv series as Andrea, Maggie, Carol, Michonne and Sasha BUT they have some fierce competition. Not from another actress, but from a beloved video game character named Clementine who’s been the main focus of TellTale Games The Walking Dead .

Clementine could very well end up being one of the most important characters in the timeline and story of The Walking Dead.  leesmWe first encounter Clementine when convict Lee Everett, who is fleeing “walkers”, stumbles upon and takes refuge in Clementine’s home.  If you recall Clementine was left at home with a caregiver while her parents went to Savannah GA for a weekend when the outbreak occurred.  When Lee arrived she was hiding in the tree house for safety.  Lee decides to take care of Clementine and agree to help her find her parents.  At which point Shawn Greene finds them both and offers to take them to the Greene family farm.  Throughout the first “season” of the video game Lee teaches Clementine key aspects for surviving in the post outbreak world. How to shoot a gun, keep moving, keeping her hair short etc.

clemsmClementine ultimately arrives in Savannah GA to find that her parents were turned and that even Lee himself had succumbed to the virus.  What is probably most endearing of this character is that the situations she experiences forces her to be strong and a survivor but yet she always maintains a soft naive disposition about her. Unlike characters like Michonne who are hardened and we expect to be tough as nails Clementine has to dig deep and become a fighter even though that is not who she is.  As the video game starts “season” two we the video gamers experience the game through Clementine’s eyes rather than she being your companion.  One of my favorite chapters is when you have to stitch a large cut in Clementine’s arm as Clementine herself.  The facial expressions are almost gut wrenching as this poor girl needs to suture the gash. Luckily, (if you got all the items) you can take a break and sip on an apple juice box in between stitching.  Interestingly, someone uploaded the scene to youtube: Clementine Suturing

Clementine is important in the story arc of the Walking Dead since she is now somewhere in between the comics and the tv show.  With the comics now being located in the DC area and the tv show leaving off with the cast fleeing the prison after the last war with the Governor, Clementine and the video game serves as a bridge guiding us the fans along the way.  Clementine departs Savannah GA and heads back North and is now somewhere in North Carolina.  This would also be a great setup for all 3 medias to merge into one great storytelling experience.

Clementine over time learns to become a true survivor not only by doing what she has to do when the time arises but by also maintaining a sense of hope, trust and innocence during a time when the dead walk the earth and devour living people.  While the characters we know and love are already hardened and strong, their weakness in a  way is softening up and showing their humanity.  But with Clementine, she’s already very human and has no other choice but become a hardened fighter to overcome challenges.  With her trademark baseball cap with a ‘D’ she lives by the lessons taught to her by Lee Everett, growing up in a world of death and disease.  Maybe she’ll eventually meet Carl Grimes. Maybe Clementine later becomes a maternal protector of all others needing help to live.  As video gamers await the subsequent chapters of “season” two Clementine, like an underdog, is fast rising up in the realm of the Walking Dead as becoming the true tough gal and leader for all survivors to rely on.

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