TWD Character Cross Section: ‘Carl Grimes’

CArlComic02To many whether it is the Comic or the TV Show iteration of The Walking Dead Rick Grimes serves as their hero. Their leader into unknown situations and ever defending the team against Walkers and Humans alike.  But slowly issue after issue, episode after episode there has been one character that has been quietly evolving into a role that may be quite unexpected.  In the end, the kid, Carl Grimes could end up being the Messiah of the Apocalypse.  The undisputed leader of the New World Order.

It’s only a matter of time when Carl rebels against his father. Expose Rick’s mistakes and challenge him in a rite to passage.  Carl can’t stay the innocent snot nosed kid tied to his father’s hip forever.  CarlBoth01Carl has gone through a lot since the ZA took over. He’s been shot, lost his mother, even lost his eye.  There was another character the team dealt with not long ago that also lost his eye – The Governor.  Is it just a coincidence or symbolic foreshadowing.  Carl even got the special attention of another leader as well.  What traits does Carl have to catch the attention of other leaders that his father Rick does not have?  Is Carl poised to rise up amidst the chaos of Alexandria to become its leader? Its Governor?  It’s only a matter of time when the Survivors will start questioning Rick’s choices and leadership skills. And it’s only a matter of time when the quiet comic book reading kid will get sick of being told to “stay in the house” or be treated below the others.  Over time Carl has slowly gained a lot of survival skills and shown strength where many would falter.

CarlComic01Rick Grimes once said “I won’t be your Governor.” But did that just leave a spot open for Carl to grow into?  When does the current status quo give way to new ways, new ideas, new plans, new leader?  What traits do the Governor and Carl Grimes share that would lead to Carl becoming the new “savior” of the Survivors?   And what traits does Carl have that will prevent him from having the same fate as the Governor or even Rick?GovCarlBoth