S2E–: Season Two Full Cross Section “Bought the Farm…”

twdSeason02We are getting closer to the Season 4 premiere and as promised here is the full Season 2 Cross Section.  During September I will be filling in episodes I missed during Season 3.   As if Season 1 wasn’t intense enough Season 2 not only picks right up from where Season 1 ends but pushes our Walker fighting friends to the limits.  I call Season 2 “Bought the Farm…” because just about every character ends up with too much on their shoulders that they can handle. Whether they asked for it or not and are faced to deal with choices they made in Season 1.  While Season 1 was about “Awakenings…” Season 2 is about having to deal with so much in so little time you are pushed to a breaking point.

Right from Episode 1 the group loses Sophia, Carol’s daughter, while trying to hide from a herd of Walkers.  Carl, Rick’s son gets shot but a hunter in the woods, and Crazy Shane wants to leave the group. T-Dog cuts his arm and risks infection and attracting more Walkers.  Rick’s leadership is tested and just when almost all hope is lost the Greene family takes them in on (literally)their Farm.  While the group wants to stay at the Farm, there’s more to this safe haven than meets the eye.

When a group people are faced with “doing the right thing”often times a lot of wrong things are the result.  Shane, while at the grade school with Otis raiding the FEMA truck for medical supplies decides to shoot Otis and leave him for bait while escaping and returning to the Farm. Rick decides to try to convince Herschel to allow the group to stay, Maggie Greene and Glenn partner up which makes the dynamic of the group change completely, Dale trying to mentor Andrea just causes more animosity between the two, Herschel who reluctantly welcomed in the group to save Carl and T-Dog now faces having to decide what to do with the group and the secrets he has in the barn.  Meanwhile skirmishes with outsiders results in a prisoner with a kid named Randall (Since my name is actually Randall, I was hoping for a better fate for this character.) and the group needs to decide what to do with him.  Carol and Lori are in interesting situations with one dealing losing a child and the other discovering they will soon birth one.  Its the situation with Randall though that brings a lot tension and tough debate between everyone.  The group is trying to survive in a world where the dead walk again.  But yet they were attacked by other survivors and now have one in custody.  Are the Walkers really the main threat or are other humans desperate for food and shelter the real cause for worry? Most of the group wants to kill Randall and debate on how to do it while Dale desperately tries to maintain the human element within the group.  And with Lori pregnant and Maggie Greene and Glenn forming a union, what is the future of humanity?  Is it even worth having children or making families in a Walker filled world?  Rick wanted to lead the team to sanctuary, Herschel allowed the group on the farm but also kept his virus stricken family in the barn hoping a cure would be found, but now what do they do? They bought the Farm but seem to not know what to do or how to handle it.  It just brought on more problems and more stress and more danger.  Just like the character of Andrea who wants to shoot a gun to be a key member of the group but when she takes the initiative she shoots Daryl by accident almost killing him.  As Dale noted, “A mans life is worth more than a 5 minute conversation …. Is this what we’ve come to? How are we any different from the others we are so afraid of?  The world we knew is dead, please let’s just do what’s right.”

Despite Dale trying to keep everyone grounded and anchored Season 2 ends with the group getting the Farm they bought.  Crazy Shane opens the barn and starts to take down Hershel’s family now Walkers.  Shocked  they all discover that Sophia was in the barn all along, virus stricken and a Walker now.  Later Dale himself is bitten by a Walker and needs to be put down as well.  Shane kills Randall, is infected by the virus, turns and needs to be put down.  Walkers overrun the farm and the group needs to abandon the property broken down and more lost than ever.  So where does the group go now? What do they do? How does a small group of survivors preserve and rebuild humanity when they can’t trust other humans?

If you were Rick, Andrea or Shane what would you have done differently? If you woke up tomorrow morning and for any reason society stopped could you  trust others? Would you help others or would you think only for yourself?  Can you “Buy the Farm” and own it, grow it and preserve it?  How would you determine who lives and who gets put down?  Season 2 reinforces to the group that the life they knew is long gone and there may be no going back to the small things taken for granted on a daily basis.

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