Video Game Review: Undead Nightmare Add On for Red Dead Redemption PS3

undeadnightmareAn undead blog would not be the same without a review of the Rock Star Games add on pack to the award winning Red Dead RedemptionUndead Nightmare.  Released in October of 2010 numerous sources state that this was to be the original concept for the main title, a gothic horror Western to follow up Red Dead Revolver.  The DLC (Downloadable Content for us older folks) uses the same main characters as the parent title Red Dead Redemption and while does take place in 1910 it does not really fit into the actual timeline or story of the main game.  Rather it is a condensed stand alone storyline that offers the same great features but with a  lot more scares.  For a mere $10 or so you can access this game pack right from your PS3 console and begin playing immediately.  You do not even have to complete the parent title to access this storyline.
The story begins with the Marston family finishing chores and getting ready to end the day when the dead start knocking on their door – literally.  You still get the amazing lush and detailed graphics of the South Western landscapes and frontiers only this time it’s dark, cold, and lots of open graves.  The objective of the game is to cleanse towns and save survivors from pioneer style Walkers.  Differences from the parent  title other than the dead running around is that stores are closed, ammo chests are scarce and the animals are right out of the myths.  You replenish your supplies mostly by helping out the living and picking the pockets of the dead.  Also you cannot save your progress until you have cleansed or cleared a town of the undead attacks.  The story arc is not as deep and intense as the parent Red Dead Redemption but still provides enough to be hooked and entertained.  This game pack is also perfect for  those not into long and drawn out storyline and just prefer to savor the action.
In this DLC you get a couple new weapons like Holy Water and a flaming torch.  You get new outfits including a set of long underwear and a unique Undead Hunter’s outfit.  And there are new creatures to tame and kill like the 4 horses of the Apocalypse, Bigfoot and my favorite El Chupacabra!!
Since the game pack has been available for a couple years now I won’t get into the details of weapons, missions, etc. Fans should be familiar with the gameplay, mapped territories and controls already.  The game is a good old fashioned Zombie…. er I mean Walker adventure set in 1910 old west.   It’s well designed, simple, creative, gory, and entertaining.  Don’t complain as it’s also only for $10.  Try to get a large pizza delivered to your house for less than $10.  Much like Red Dead Redemption, I give this add on a full 5 stars and a required play for all gamers out there.

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