Video Game Review: MLB 12 the Show

MLB12Walmart had this game on sale the other day and since I’ve been playing MLB ’09 the Show I decided it was time to upgrade.  MLB the Show series took over for MVP Baseball, which back in ’05 was ahead of everyone else in Baseball video gaming already. So here we go…..

The Graphics:The player models get more detailed facial expressions especially managers and pitchers.  Snarls,

smirks, and looks of awe are all present making the computer players seem very real.

The fabric detailing of the uniforms is more crisp and lifelike.

If you select the Boston Red Sox, you even get the 100th Anniversary patch for Fenway Park on your sleeve.

Reflections in in the batting helmets are amazing.

If you have a 3D tv you can play this game in 3D!! (If you know me, 3D anything is the BEST!)

The ball parks and crowds even get a facelift  and look more life like than ever.

5 out of 5 stars

The Gameplay:

For those of us who are old, or just dont have time to learn the latest over complicated controls, all the classic contols remain and you can fine tune them to save your own game settings.If you have PS3 motion, you can really swing at pitches – I may need to get this device.  One BAD element is left handed 2nd basemen are not allowed in Gameplay. Even when you create a player you cannot create a left handed 2nd baseman.  I may have to sue the company because I am left handed and I played 2nd base for over 7 years in Little League. This is one personal major disappoinment in the game play for me.

If download the entire 10GB data package then game play is swift, smooth and almost pause free of render and load times.  This is hands down the best baseball video game and the best MLB the Show ever released. They should make one for JLeague Baseball as well.

There’s even new commentators and improved commentating.

You can add in your own music and customize Team and Player songs.

4 out of 5 stars (you should have allowed left handed 2nd basemen)

Personal Thoughts:

Being from Boston, I was very impressed to see the 100th Year patch on the players jerseys and the updated details of the Fenway Park rendering.  For nostalgic reasons any Boston Red Sox Fan should get this game. My few complaints other than you still cant create a left handed 2nd baseman is they did not have to hightlight the complete collapse of the BoSox from last year when you first load the game disc. It was almost like were rubbing it in our faces.  BUT I was happy to find good ‘ol Manny in the Free Agents list and I have added him back to my Red Sox roster. In fact I undid all the poor trades and brought back a lot of players that should be still on the real team.  Oddly there is no Terry Francona or Bobby Valentine managing the BoSox in Season Mode.

A lot of stock and pride is taken in this game.  A must have for any Baseball video gamer.

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 stars (yes I am still bitter about the left handed 2nd basemen thing.)

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