Review: Boston Comic Con 2013

Boston-Comic-ConInitially I had lofty ideas for my first official review of a Comic Convention.  But after seeing the large mass of fans, vendors and artists I quickly decided to scale back and go for the simple approach.  Though considered small compared to Cons like the San Diego Comic Con this is a much larger event compared to the Phoenix Con, which is where I went for my first attendance in 2011.  This event was originally planned in April but after the Marathon Bombings the organizers decided to reschedule and relocate the Convention to August and from the Hynes to the Seaport.  With the large turnout you’d never know there was a waiting time.  Energy was high and everyone was ready to enjoy themselves to the fullest.  During the waiting time between April and August I’ve gotten to know a couple artists/vendors and since I may not make it to day 2 of the convention this article will kind of showcase them.  They are very talented folks and I suggest you look them up and visit their tables at this or the next convention – in order of how I found them today:
bexxfineBEXX FINE:  In 2012 Ms. Fine started creating unique items for men and women out of comic book pages.  She is located out of the Boston area but she is ever present at a majority of Comic Cons.  This weekend she was located across from the giant Jabba the Hut.  This weekends highlight was hair bows with a Teenage  Mutant Ninja Turtle theme.  She was also raffling off a chance to see the Wolverine film (don’t think I won that….).  Other items she creates from comic pages are bow ties, wallets, and phone cases.  Her website is and her twitter feed can be found at @BexxFine Ms. Fine is great to talk to and will certainly help you out with all your accessory needs.  A key note about the Wolverine raffle:  It’s for a chance to see it with Bexx Fine AND proceeds go towards The Melanoma Education Foundation which was started by her Father in loving memory of her brother.  BUY THOSE RAFFLES!  It’s a great cause, hope I win and wish I bought more!
rach2RACHEL DEERING/Anathema Comics:  My next visit was with Rachel Deering, the writer of Anathema comics.  This weekend she is located at AA256 in Artists Row.  Having driven 12 hours from Columbus OH Rachel was very happy that she was able to talk to a lot of fans and generate a lot of interest in her books.  The source material for Anathema and many of Rachel’s other writings is horror based and not only preserves the essence of the genre but also gives life to it especially in comic book form.  Having grown up on horror films, literature, and comics I was very happy with the quality of writing and art with Deering’s work.  It also reminded me of Marvel’s Werewolf by Night series.  If like me, this is your first exposure to this series pick up the 3 part graphic novel. Included is also artwork that shows the evolution of the series and how the comic has progressed.  Her website is: and her twitter feed is @racheldeering Please check her out!
waywardravenWAYWARD RAVEN MEDIA:  This trio is out of the NY Metro area (and if you follow all of us on twitter you will know that during the NHL playoffs things get interesting.) The team consists of Mark Frankel, Josh L.A. Jones and Alexander Sapountzis.  You can also tell they are from the NY area because Boston Comic Con placed these fellows waaaaay in the back at tables AAW22 next to the restroom exit.  (just joking around guys). The 3 have been in the industry for awhile and this weekend featuring Damn Heroes, Ascendant and The Cell.  These guys are taking over the comic industry on their own and proving that you can own a comic/media company independently and be successful at it.  Their website not only offers their latest books and series but some really cool shirts and some FREE stuff too.  Nevermind Dark Horse for a little while. Read some Wayward Raven and get hooked on their work.  Website: twitter feeds: Mark’s is @PantherPitt Josh’s is: @JLAJones and Alexander’s is: @asapountzis  Find their table this weekend or find them at future North East Comic Cons as well. Great guys, great comics!

I was hoping to grab a couple words with professional cosplayer Yaya Han but there were too many people around her table. If you find her table she is outfitted as Fantastic 4’s Sue “Invisible Woman” Storm and Power Girl.

On a last note, I was able to meet Laurie Holden for autographs.  Laurie has starred in the film Silent Hill and recently in the tv series The Walking Dead, as Andrea.  I mention this only because just about all of her roles are powerful in character. Sometimes full of fight, defiance and rage.  But when you meet the real Laurie Holden you find a very sweet, soft spoken, articulate woman.  She was great to meet and I appreciated her patience.

The Boston Comic Con was amazing. I am already looking forward to next year’s event and even may jump over to Phoenix AZ for their 2014 Con as well.

Photos I took at Boston Comic Con 2013 can be found here:  Day 01 BCC

And where does Undead Randy get his comic books?  Check out Harrison’s Comics in Salem MA and ComiCazi in Somerville MA.

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