Houghton The Haunted Masonic Temple

northadamsOver the past few years I’ve seen my friends over at MGH Paranormal Society become established, start a convention and participate in my short film Beacon.   And while I’ve sat in with them while researching a small one room location I was curious to see how they could handle such a large location like Houghton Mansion. And with Halloween around the corner Saturday night was the perfect time to do so.

Way up in the North Western corner of Massachusetts in the city of North Adams is a large mansion known as Houghton Mansion.  It now serves as a Masonic Temple.  I had no idea what to expect and upon arrival. Instead of being awed by the view of the Mansion as I approached I actually got the sense of foreboding.

MGHPS hosts regular events, including  the Houghton, opening the doors for researchers to learn, investigate, and hopefully make contact with the unknown.  Marc Arvilla and his team do a great job with opening the event with an over view of the location, past investigations and what one may expect during the night.  I am told investigations are held at night and in the dark to increase the other senses like hearing and scent.  Though this is not a requirement for researching.

The group was broken up into teams and sent to different areas of the mansion beginning the night of “ghost hunting”.  With great patience and diligent preparation the teams offer an open channel hoping to communicate with those one the other side.  While my role there was more as the photographer and “media guy” I will admit that while in the Masons Temple itself I felt claustrophobic and found it hard to breathe.  (The Temple is quite a large stone tiled room with a very high ceiling.)  In fact one of the only rooms I felt comfortable in was the original library and smoking room.

The group of researchers was given a surprise visit by Brian Cano who is currently working with the Zaffis family on the tv show Haunted Collector which airs on Destination America. Brian joined the investigation and using the latest tools was able to extract a cryptic message “Confessions – water – Monday”. This may or may not be anything paranormal at all and any evidence obtained is taken with a grain of salt unless it can be completely verified. But it would be interesting if it did carry relevance to something. Most of the results gathered gets stored in what is called the Paranormal Database, a digital initiative to track and preserve possible contact and interaction with Ghosts and connect global research teams together. Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and some people prefer more old fashioned and organic research methods while others are eager to test the most cutting edge technology available. By Midnight I was worn out, tired, and headed home.  But those attending the event and active in research remained into the early morning hours of the following day. To learn more about MGHPS and their events go to http://www.mghparanormal.com