Christmas Carol: Pt III The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

XmasFuture033 am. The house is quiet, the streets outside are quiet. Everything is still except for Scrooge. Confusion, disappointment, and maybe even some inner conflict is racing through his mind. But there is no time to calm down. For standing before him is a phantom so dark and ominous. It is The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

But I ask, does this ghost appear to everyone like the angel of death? Even if they do good throughout the year? Or does this ghost cater their appearance based on who they are visiting?  I would hate to think that everyone’s Christmas Future was as grim as this character.   Nonetheless this ghost is the final result of your actions and it will show you what you are worth –  to this point.

The thought crosses all of our minds a few times in life, “Who would remember me if I died?”  Sadly for Scrooge, almost no one.  You see, even if you are a good person and do good things XmasFuture02but never mingle among people from time to time the rush of life will slowly blow you away. Like a castle of sand.  It is not the individual that shuts life out, life simply sends you to the shadows and back shelves of people’s minds and hearts.  For one reason or another Scrooge felt betrayed and cheated by life. He stuck to the things he knew well and nothing more.  Little did he know he was digging his own grave and sealing it.

Scrooge not only faces his own dire fate but that of those who needed his help. For Tiny Tim dies leaving a solitary crutch by a chair next to the fire. By the end of this apparition’s visit XmasFutureScrooge is scared straight.  He finally realizes that life is interactive always. In order for good things to come to you, you must also do good for others. And love and happiness cannot find you behind closed doors unless you forgive the past and invite new people into your life.  As hard as it might be we must all endure the tough lessons of life while still embracing it like a child seeing snow for the first time. This is what Christmas is all about.


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12/24/2015 ~ Randy Fortunato