Christmas Carol: Pt. II The Ghost of Christmas Present Cross Section

Xmas_Present01Our next ghost or spirit is the Ghost of Christmas Present. No matter what the version of film or literature, this ghost just about remains the same in all.  A large jovial man with an appearance similar to a young Santa Clause. The ghost of Christmas Present exists but for only one year but stresses to Scrooge, makes most of the time it has on Earth despite that fact.

Scrooge is taken about town and shown the good in all mankind.  Kindhearted and warm people appreciating the holiday even if they have not wealth nor status in society.  Scrooge is even taken to his clerks home to witness how Bob Cratchit and his family still maintain a sense of good will and hope even though the dwelling is small and simple and his son Tim is seriously ill. Seeing this seems to touch Scrooge. While it is one thing to see people you interact with from the same desk, view, vantage point or perch in life but it is another to see XmasPresent02how they live and where they live. The Ghost of Christmas Present is an example to all of us to always try (as hard as it might seem) to keep hope alive and smile in the face of hard times.  “Come and know me better..” he says to Scrooge. Meaning, get to know your fellow man and neighbor more. See the world around you. That even in the midst of poverty, pain, hardship, and violence people are celebrating the holiday. Giving thanks for the things around them.

By the end of the spirits visit Scrooge seems to have opened his eyes even if a little.  Scrooge even seems a little disappointed that Christmas Present must depart so soon. But before Christmas Present leaves he gives Scrooge a stern and dark warning.  The ghost reveals 2 Xmas_Present03emaciated children from under his grand robe.  The boy is “Ignorance” and The Girl represents “Want”. He warns Scrooge to not be “trumped” by these two creations of mankind.  Especially Ignorance the boy who has doom written on this brow.  The lesson Christmas Present leaves Scrooge with is that we must not cave in to quick solutions to hard problems. Instant gratification is a permanently empty soul.  That we must vote wisely for the correct path or the future will be stark, dark, and empty.  We must not take the freedoms we have for granted for they can be gone very swiftly.


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2015-12-21 ~ Randy Fortunato