Breaking Racial Barriers Zombie Style

Night of the Living Dead. Back in 1968 many worried about the gore and blood in Romero’s genre spawning horror film.  But there was much more to this film than flesh eating corpses.  Little did Duane Jones realize that when he took on the lead role of Ben he would be challenging social stereotypes and breaking down racial barriers at a time when in film it was unheard of  to have an African American be the main protagonist.  Outside the secluded farmhouse the undead rose and feasted on the living.  But on the inside, an intense civil rights war was being raged.  The script played out what many faced on a day to day basis.  The struggle for equality and respect from not only their white counterparts but from the upper class as well.  As Black History Month comes to a close let us not forget to honor Duane Jones who broke down racial barriers in the Horror film genre that inspired actors, actresses and for years to come. Even if you are not a fan of zombies this is a must watch film for the serious side social commentary that was well written and expertly acted.