Article: Nothing But Good Vibes and Insipiraton of “Cassandrapedia”

These days the internet, social media, twitter are filled with negativity, bad news and just a whole bunch of garbage.  Recently I discovered someone who’s not afraid to go against the grain and make it a crusade to fill our lives with good vibes and inspiration one tweet, one blog, one video at a time.  Cassandra, an Italian living in Toronto Canada, started Cassandrapedia and twitter account to blast out positive affirmations, original poetry, short comedy videos and a guest writer program.  I was lucky enough to be allowed to ask a few questions and write this piece to share her message of love and life to all you out there.  All of Cassandra’s links are located at the end of the interview, please read through to get to them.  Enjoy the interview:

UR:  The first thing people will notice about your blog and twitter account is that you are determined to make everyone’s day positive, worthwhile and filled with happiness. Where do you get inspired?

Cassandra:   I get inspired by the day to day things in my life or the positive people that surround me as they continuously cheer me on but most importantly I get the most inspiration from everyone that reads my blog or interacts with me, with their stories and how something I wrote helped them get through something or how it made them happy. I get this amazing feeling when I help others.

UR:  When did you decide that Cassandrapedia was your calling?

Cassandra: Growing up I suppose I always knew that this was something that I wanted to do but didn’t really know how I’d get there or I didn’t have to confidence to really step out of my comfort zone and show the world what I am made of.  It all started with poetry. I wanted to publish my poetry then I discovered blogging, which opened the doors to many other things.

UR: What are some of the things you want people to get out of your blog and twitter account and what is Cassandra all about?

Cassandra:  I want people to feel inspired to go after what they love and help people before, during and after they reach their goals. I want to make people feel good about themselves. I believe that positivity can go a long way and can even better our future.  It’s hard to say really because the further along I go on my journey the more I learn about myself. I keep getting myself in situations I have never been in before, hence stepping out of my comfort zone.  I suppose in a nutshell you can say that I am determined, creative,
strong minded, opinionated and if I don’t know how to do something I will teach
myself how to do it. I learn better that way.

UR:  What would you like to get out of life yourself?

Cassandra:  I just want to help people and push people past their breaking point. In a collaborative effort we can make the world a better place. I want to stabilize my life and put myself into a situation where I can give back to the world.  To retire from success to become a philanthropist so I can help those in need to obtain success and true wealth. I
also have some other projects I am working on that the world will find out in due time!

UR:   You recently launched a YouTube Channel, can you go into what we can expect from it and what you’re hoping to do with this?

Cassandra:  My YouTube channel was launched because I like to have fun with what ever it is I am doing. The channel will have a bit of a different vibe than my blog because I wanted it to be a place where people can go to for a laugh or feel good. Of course, I will sometimes make videos about the life lessons that my blog is notorious for but primarily I just want to
make people laugh.

UR: Did you find it tough growing up with a traditional Italian Father?

Cassandra:  My father is a very hard working man. He always made sure to tell me that he loved me no matter what and ensured that my sisters and I were taken care of. The tough part of my childhood wasn’t my father, it was more dealing with bullies at school. I didn’t really know how to be socialable or deal with those types of situations.

UR: Any fond or really funny moments you’d like to share?

Cassandra: Yes! My father used to drive an old school Pontiac grand prix I think it was. It was this very square grey box looking thing. Anyway this one time my father took me with him to run some errands and he had to run in quickly to some place. Of course he left me in the car with the engine on ( I must have been like 10ish) and he told me not to touch anything. Well, being the rebel that I am, I changed the gear to neutral and then the car started rolling backwards. Next thing you know my father is running after the car, jumps in and saves the day! Needless to say I never ever did that again!

UR: Do you think comedy and a sense of humor are important in life?

Cassandra: Yes, I believe that comedy and a sense of humor is important because when people are in a better mood, they tend to be more productive as they tackle what ever it is they’re doing with positivity.

UR: Any serious causes or organizations you support or believe strongly in?

Cassandra:  In Toronto there’s the Hospital For Sick Children. I believe in any organizations that have to do with that hospital because as a kid I spent a lot of time in that hospital. I’ve had several ear surgeries there and over night stays. Of course there are children with worst conditions and it always makes me so sad to see them.

UR: Can you tell me about the Guest Writer Program you have and the requirements to participate?

Cassandra:  All the details to my guest writers program can be found here:

UR: Last question, do you like S’MORES?

Cassandra:  Heck yes! Who doesn’t like that sweet gooey taste of S’mores?

Everyday I check Cassandra’s twitter feed for the latest message telling me that life is ok and the day will be amazing.  It’s a great breath of fresh air especially during stressful weeks.  And you can check out Cassandra at these locations as well. (Her video on “Things Italian Father’s Say” is excellent and very well done.)


Twitter: @Cassandrapedia

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