In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 06 (Finale) Cross Section


Original Air Date: 14 June, 2014

Season Two Finale #BDFF Edition

Roarton just about comes unhinged and some truths revealed in tonight’s season finale of In The Flesh.  Gary’s sinister side is revealed when he attacks and kidnaps Kieren and forces Kieren to take the Blue Oblivion hoping someone would shoot him down as a Rotter.  That person being Kiren’s sister Jem.  Meanwhile Lippy and Amy embrace their love (How many has Amy dated anyways? Roarton is small town….) while in Amy’s darkest moments she discovers that she can feel things again. She can eat.  It seems Amy Dyer has come back to life beating out the PDS. (Partially Dead Syndrome).  But will Philip still love her now that she is human again? After he had a thing for corpses.  #prayforlippy

Both the ULA and Maxine the MP become delusional that a 2nd rising is in fact real.  This episode was so well written as the ULA stand against the survivors of Roarton ready to become Rotters while Simon hides in the shadows with a blade ready to kill Kieren and Maxine, well not sure what Maxine thinks she is doing.  Jem is also ready to kill her brother as he approaches the survivors.  This episode is about what happens when you believe too deeply in the lies and deceit of others.  When you submit your mind to radicals and those too obsessed with power and decadence you lose grips of yourself.  You lose grip of what is around you and right and wrong become blurred.  Whether it is Blue Oblivion, Liquor, or the verses of smooth talking hypocrites like Maxine or the Undead Prophet believing too much in a bad thing is bad for everyone.   Families get torn apart and innocent people get hurt.  In the heat of the moment Simon does something miraculous while Maxine destroys truly what is a miracle.  It is healthy to have hope and believe in something or someone. But when that thing or person is negative we need to refocus back into ourselves. Kieren reveals that Gary did not make the bracelet at all and once again brother and sister are united.  Roarton begins to heal again ….. or does it.  Who are the XFiles types digging up Amy’s grave?  What do they plan to do with her body? What does Season 3 hold in store for us?
One of my favorite Kieren quotes from this season: “I had breakfast 5 years ago and I am still full.”

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