In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 05 Cross Section


Original Air Date: 7 June, 2014

In a series of flashbacks were learn the back story to Simon.  He was the source of the “cure” for PDS and we learn that in Norfolk there was at least one doctor that did not agree that there was anything to cure to begin with. The Rotters were dead and will always be a threat.  Simon is subjected to numerous torturous experiments BUT is also introduced to the Undead Prophet.  So the Undead Prophet is a Norfolk insider perhaps?  From the findings of the tests the anti-virus is made and Norfolk becomes an undead rehab facility.

Meanwhile Maxine is determined to find out who the first riser was and by chance the owner of the B&B states that she witnessed The Rising first hand, but does she really know who rose first?  Roarton becomes more at edge when Rotters at a medical office were set free and Kieren is wrongfully accused.  Even Kieren’s once supporting family is now cautious of their dead son. Speaking of family we also see Simon get reunited with his father.  What did Simon do to his Mum!! Say it ain’t so! Simon is more than just a pretty dead face. His role in the Rising and the “cure” is very crucial.

Amy Dyer.  I wanted to talk about the character of Amy in depth on the podcast yesterday (you all should have dialed in!) Is Amy as free loving and happy as she puts on?  Is she really taking the correct medications for PDS.  And is she in love with Kieren more than just as a BDFF?  Amy is complex character with a lot of layers to her.  It would be interesting to see some of her back story prior to and post Rising.  It is becoming clear that she is very conflicted with what is going on and the medications she is taking does not seem to be working well.  There is just one more episode left. The UK sees it tonight, for fans in the US we have to wait until Saturday the 14th. Find out if Lippy will figure out how to use that toaster!

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