In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 04 Cross Section


Tensions rise, truths are revealed and commitments are made in episode 04.  Philip continues to think with the wrong head and visits the Rotter Brothel.  This puts his new status in the Parish in jeopardy especially when a neighbor catches him on video entering the establishment.  But during the community protest Lippy speaks up for himself and the others that visit the undead for company.  He pleads with everyone that there cannot be 2 sets of standards to live by.  And that the more people think they live a perfect and untarnished life the worse society becomes.   Philip later confesses to Amy Dyer that the only reason why he went to the brothel was because he was in love with her and was not sure how to deal with loving a dead person.  Is it still necrophilia if you have relations with a zombie?  At any rate, Amy gives Lippy a chance after discovering Kieren and Simon together.

While Lippy isn’t using his mind, Jem is surely losing hers with all of the events from the Rising to shooting poor little Henry.  When on patrol in the woods Jem sees the “ghost” of Henry and she breaks down.  Smooth Operator Gary consoles Jem and uses the bracelet Henry made for her as a way into Jem’s affections.  Jem it seems, will never come to terms with being part of the HVF and never having the courage to actually kill a Rotter.  In fact, Henry was the first one she killed.  Love hurts Henry, love hurts.

Kieren needs to come to terms with being dead himself.  In another failed effort to be “normal” he convinces the ULA leader Simon to wear cover up and contacts to have lunch with his family.  “Nice jeans Steve!”  Things were going as Kieren wanted until Jem and Gary arrive and start telling war stories of killing Rotters.  This breaks Kieren down as he goes into his rebirth and eating people.  But it is also revealed that Kieren is the “First Risen”.  Simon puts in a call to the Undead Prophet.  But there is something else revealed toward the end of this episode.  Hard as nails Maxine the MP, standing over a grave crying. Trying to convince herself that there really will be a 2nd Rising.  But who’s grave is she standing over?  We know from here arrival that she used to live in Roarton.  Will more of her past be explained in Episode 05?

Do you think you have some answers?  Have more questions?  Then dial into the In The Flesh fan discussion podcast this Saturday June 7th at 9am EST and 2pm UK time!! The ULA is spreading rumors that the Undead Prophet himself might join in as well.
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