In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 03 Cross Section


Episode 03’s main theme is unrequited love.  Phil/Lippy still tries to make the moves on Amy Dyer again but keeps getting shut down.   Little Henry was excited to give Jem the bracelet he made for her, but she shot him in the head instead.  Meanwhile Amy herself keeps chasing Simon but Simon is dedicated to the ULA and an unexpected citizen of Roarton.  The primary conflict though is with PDS Freddie still in love with his wife Haley.  Freddie had died in an accident and later Haley had moved on and re-married again.  Freddie makes a last-ditch effort to win her back but his plan backfires and near disaster ensues.  How often in our day-to-day lives do we move away from home or change careers only to return where we came from?  But this time everything is different.  Maybe new faces, or old friends kind of forgotten about you.  Maybe family or former co-workers cannot relate or connect with you like before.  Your memory never moved forward from the last time you were there.  But the location or moment evolved without you there.  It is the same but very very different.  Freddie still  thinks it’s the day he died.  Married to Haley. Freddie still thinks Haley feels the same for him still.   Sometimes you can go back home but in a lot of situations, you can’t.  It can be hard to deal with the fact that everyone you once cared about or were close with  have found new connections or interests apart from you.  Somehow you’ve become the stranger and outcast.

How could you deal with a situation like this?  Imagine dying and even being buried but then one day you are alive again. Breathing, feeling, seeing.  Have you ever been in this situation of “coming back” to discover you just do not fit in anymore?

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