In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 02 Cross Section

inthefleshS02E02Original Air Date: 17 May, 2014

Welcome to the PDS give back program where you will work as a slave or hardened criminal along Roarton’s highways and after 6 months you will become a normal citizen all over again!  Sound too good to be true?  Beware of MP Maxine and her empty promises.  Kieren’s hopes of living in Paris are dashed when the new work furlough program is initiated and his passport is revoked.  Meanwhile Phil or Lippy one of the Parish members and anti PDS does some creepy things in private with a Rotter.

Jem tries to fit in with the cool girls in school after telling tales of being a bad ass during The Rising, But when a classmate takes Blue and turns she freezes and can’t take her friend down.  The cool girls shun Jem.  Simon is also showing signs of shunning Amy when he learns that Kieren is stuck in town.  Amy learns the homemade anti-virus is creating unhealthy side effects and is forced back into the medical office.

The lines between the living and the dead are starting to blur.  With the undead fighting for a “normal” life and the living disgusted with looking into the face of the dead or fooling themselves that there will be a 2nd rising to bring back all of the good people conflicts are going to arise.  Which side are you on?  Are you ULA or are you HVF?  The MP has a target on Kieren’s back, but why? Also themes of taboo sexuality or inter-human relationships are explored in a continued storyline.  Could you sleep with a dead person? (you may think you do already, but a real dead person).  Are the living taking advantage of double standards?

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