In the Flesh Season 02 Episode 01 Cross Section


Original Air Date: 10 May, 2014
“No Pistol, No Pint”

In the Flesh comes back in Season 02 with new faces and new problems for the townsfolk of Roarton.  With continued encouragement from the Undead Prophet the “Rotters” have formed the ULA or Undead Liberation Army and use a drug called Blue Oblivion to revert back temporarily to a rabid state to inflict terrorist attacks on the Survivors.  Jem, struggling with leaving the HVF, tries to return to school and looks very tasty in her school uniform if I must say so.  In fact Jem looks so tasty she has caught the undead eye of a young rotter who’s heart resumes to beat.

New face Maxine Martine the Victus MP arrives to Roarton to investigate the parish and the rotter situation.  But it seems she is also after something more when the Vicar catches Maxine taking notes in the graveyard of PDSs names and dates.  Another new face is the ULAs Simon Monroe who happens to be Amy Dyer’s new love interest.  Can the undead have a love life? If you paid close attention to Season 01 you would know.  “Is that a bone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”  😉

Now that the ULA is fighting back for inter-human rights will the HVF regroup?  Why is the Vicar convinced there will be a 2nd rising?  Where does Blue Oblivion come from?  If you were a PDS would you use Blue Oblivion?  Do you think the ULA will destroy the peace in Roarton or is there something more going on with the MP?
I think the song Anarchy in The UK needs to be updated:
“Is this the M.P. Maxine or
Is this the H.V.F. or
Is this the U.L.A
I thought it was the UK
Or just another country…..”

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