In the Flesh Season 01 Episode 03 (Finale) Cross Section

in-the-fleshS01E03The intensity builds in episode 03 , the season 01 finale, as the themes of acceptance, awakening, and renewal are explored in this episode.



Season: 1 | Episode: 3 | Original Air Date: 8 June, 2013

Mr. Macy still treats Rick like a son that never died.  In fact, Mr. Macy takes his son to a lecture by the pastor who condemns the PDSs and explains that the bad people rose from the grave and must be killed so the correct good dead people can come back.  Meanwhile Kieren and his sister Jemima bond again.  Amy Dyer gets harassed  by the HVF and decides to leave Roarton to seek out the “Undead Prophet”.  (She should have know it was me… j/k) The mom’s of Roarton realize that their children are the same despite once having died.  That this is their gift and 2nd chance to correct the mistakes of the past.  But Mr. Macy’s awakening to the truth puts peace into turmoil again when Rick takes off his contacts and cover-up to expose his undead image to his father.  Kieren discovers the body of his friend Rick, murdered and dead again.  After confronting Mr. Macy, he himself gets shot by a neighbor from what happened at the end of episode 01. (I won’t spoil it, you need to see it.)

Crushed again Kieren vanishes.  And we, the viewers, learn that there was more to Rick and Kieren than just a strong friendship.  They were in fact lovers.  Kieren’s mom finds him and both share a touching moment where she pleads with him not to kill himself again.  To keep living, to embrace life and his family.  While the Walker family heals through seeing who each person is and accepting each other as they are, the Macy family crumbles due to false pretenses, wearing masks, and keeping secrets.  Have you ever lived with someone with a terminal disease and just told people, “oh they are recovering. Everything will be ok soon.” or do you avoid eye contact with them because it makes you feel uncomfortable?  Or did you grow up with a sibling that did not believe in the same things you did. Maybe they were an artist, musician or actor or writer. Did you ridicule them in the presence of others to make yourself feel more safe with yourself?  Or even still, have you ever found out that your relatives or close friends were in fact homosexual?  Did that change how you treated them?  Did you treat them like “Rotters”?  Did they become “dead” to you and did you cast them out?  What I find interesting about this show is that the undead symbolize almost everything we are uncomfortable to honestly and genuinely embrace and  talk about. The Geek, the artist, the one with drug problems, the one with a missing limb, the gay one, or the one dying of disease.  Remember, undead means NOT dead.  They are alive. They have feelings. They have needs just like all the rest of the “normal” people in society.  When you are in a store in public and a child enters with no legs, just artificial limbs, is it you the “normal” one that feels sickened and ‘dis’-eased or is it the child? Think about it and love one another.  Oh and me? I am the very short bald one. I am the writer, the photographer, the creator, the former athlete because no one would let me continue in sport because I was “too small.”  I am the one that gets passed over for the 6′ tall blonde gym rat with no brains.  No I will never be the leading man.  But I am quite comfortable in my skin.


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