In the Flesh Season 01 Episode 02 Cross Section


Season: 1 | Episode: 2 | Original Air Date: 7 June, 2013

The townsfolk of Roarton continue to come to grips with the PDS patients returning home.  Episode 02 is about coming to terms with what is and what isn’t.  Jem still cannot accept that her brother Kieren is back and keeps a distance from him.  Kieren visits his own grave and runs into another PDS patient named Amy Dyer.  Amy is in fact very different from Kieren.  She is living her 2nd life to the fullest. Amy shows no fear to walk around the survivors without her contacts and makeup on.  Kieren’s moody behavior perplexes her and she tries to explain to him that there is nothing left for them to fear.  They can “crush the clock” and attack life full force.  Meanwhile the Macy family, supporters and originators of the HVF, are dealing with the return of their son Rick.  Rick was Kieren’s best friend who died fighting in the Middle East.  The Macys treat Rick as if he never died and Rick himself isn’t quite sure what is going on.  Amy and Rick learn later that Kieren had killed himself and that is why isn’t happy to be alive again.

There is a very touching scene between Amy and Kieren when Amy reveals she died from Leukemia and was jubilant to have another chance to live.  She confesses that she felt like she was “benched before getting a chance to play the game.”  Kieren sadly states the he felt relief and reveals that he had committed suicide.  Both Amy and Rick are heartbroken to learn about Kieren’s suicide.  As go through life, learning our shortcomings and limitations, who are we alienating?  Who do we push away while we fumble from year to year and goal to goal. What things around us are we taking for granted in the name of a cause, religion, or corporate agenda? Who are we hurting?  Oddly this episode effected me a lot and genuinely touched me. I lost both of my first cousins.  One to a life long struggle with brain cancer and the other to a buried bomb in Afghanistan.  I myself almost died in a car accident and woke up in the ICU with 2 priests and my mother at bedside.  The older we get, the stranger life becomes.  It’s so easy to get caught up with agendas and group think to the point of being blind, ignorant and hurtful to the important things around us.  We can also blame ourselves for loss or tragedies that we have not control over to those we hold dear in our lives to the point where we restrict our own lives from ….. well … living.   Yes life can be cruel, scary and dark.  Yes, people we know and care about will die.  But we should not be afraid to live and celebrate our short time here or to celebrate each other.  We must remember that we are #notdeadyet .

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