In the Flesh Season 01 Episode 01 Cross Section


Season: 1 | Episode: 1 | Original Air Date: 6 June, 2013

It gives me great pleasure to have In the Flesh as part of and a member of the #undeadarmy.  This series created by Dom Mitchell airs on BBC3 and on BBCA.  So let’s get to it …..

In the greater London area and throughout England over 140,000 dead rise and attack the living for their flesh.  This event is come to be known as “The Rising”.  While the government rounds up these “rotters” the small town of Roarton is hit hard and is forced to create the HVF or Human Volunteer Force to protect the living since the military is no where to be found.  Years later, the town of Roarton is hit hard again when the government decides that the “rehabilitated” zombies known as the PDS or Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers are excused of what they did in their non medicated state.  With the help of a medication that balances chemicals in the brain, contacts lenses, and makeup the PDSs can walk among the survivors as if they were alive again.

The main hero of the series is Kieren Walker who committed suicide shortly after his best friend dies in the middle east.  Now “cured” of the zombie virus he returns home to find that his younger sister is part of the rotter hating HVF.  The pilot episode is full of social commentary.  The survivors Roarton are afraid of these PDSs and even having secrets of their own hidden in their homes.  While they vow not accept them into the community some come to grips with the fact that their loved ones still remember, once again have feelings while  trapped between the world of the living and that of the dead.  The pilot also contains some great tongue-in-cheek humor like when Kieren and his father spend the morning playing the game of Life together.

What would you do if your neighbor brought home their child who was rotting, emaciated, pale and withdrawn?  Would you accept them back into the fold?  Would you invite them into your own home for coffee and donuts?  What if PDS was really a metaphor for Cancer or AIDS or HepC or Heroin? Could you hug them?  Would you hold their hand or kiss their cheek?  Or would you cast them out and write them off as dead?  Much like the American cousin, In the Flesh is about a whole lot more than just zombies and the soundtrack is just as “killer” too.

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