Updates To Website

Hopefully you have noticed the slight changes to the undeadrandy.com website.

1: New static front page and posts moving to its own area for an authentic blog style.

2: The About page has been changed into a Staff page with the addition of an Intern and a Social Media helper from over in the UK.

3: The Charity page added a $1 direct donation option for those who cannot bid in auction and do not want to get the tshirt.

4: Undead Randy is now on tumblr!

Coming Soon:

1: In the 2nd series of Podcasts the format will allow for fan attendance and direct interaction.

2: Charity Cross Sections.  I plan to be writing 3 articles over the next month or two about children with cancer and St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

3: More Walking Dead Cross Sections will be added as well.

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