13227987995_c650c51050_zI was born and raised just North of Boston. Traveled to Europe, Japan, and driven cross country 4 times.  I am a writer, photographer, media producer and occasional on air type. I studied film and media production in the Copley-Back Bay area of Boston.  Most of my media experiences have been very local or regional. From radio, to on screen, to photography to writing/producing/directing/editing down to the “Go For” runner on sets.  I had a taste of all levels of production. I qrcodepngformatdo have a degree in Business and always push to learn more.  I am also a former athlete with Baseball, Kendo and Kyudo on my list.  Currently I work a corporate job by day but always try to keep my creative energies charged.  And I hope to post my best work here to share with everyone.
I hope many find this blog a nice diversion from the everyday.
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