Monster Day 01: “What’s In A Name?”

Monster: Day 01 “What’s In A Name?”
I figured this would be the most logical place to start.  Since the original novel published in 1818 the name Frankenstein became associated with the creation itself.  For almost 200 years Frankenstein and the batch of human puzzle pieces have been fused together.  Frankenstein is the name of the Doctor that created life from various sources.  And the Doctor’s first name?  Originally it was Victor, rumored to be taken from the 1600s Paradise Lost where God was touted as “the victor” and in the Frankenstein lore the Doctor “plays God” by creating life,  but Henry and Baron von have also been used depending on which film version you watch.  Other accounts claim that in 1814 Mary Shelly had visited a real life Castle Frankenstein located in Darmstadt Hesse Germany where stories of a Doctor Johann Conrad Dippel performed actual research tests on human bodies and remains.
And what about the Creation? Sadly “It” never had a name. Though “It” is called by many things including:  Creature, Wretch, It, Monster, Fiend and Abomination.